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Friday, 1 September 2017

What We're Watching 1/9/17

What We're Watching

Jikan no Shihaisha.

Jikan no Shihaisha is firmly into what might be the final arc for this series (depending on if it's twelve episodes or twenty-four, nobody seems entirely certain), a character focused arc about Victor's childhood and regrets, and it's -- fine, I guess?

Victor's not a hugely compelling character, and the most interesting part of his backstory is very much not his childhood, so the characters hemming and hawwing over how terrible Victor was as a child (although I'm sure we'll find out that he wasn't really that bad) and how many regrets he has isn't that interesting.

Still, we'll probably see the introduction of the show's main antagonist in this arc, so that's interesting, I suppose. Thus far, this series is turning out to be a fun Fullmetal Alchemist knock-off, but not much more than that.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

Somewhat earlier than expected, I've started streaming Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, which I've admittedly never played before -- I've played Kingdom Hearts II, of course, but I never saw much point in buying the Final Mix, until I decided to buy the PS4 bundles and do some streams of them.

I must say, the game's prologue is better than I expected. No less long (it really, really drags), but certainly a lot more enjoyable than I recalled it being. As a tutorial, it's definitely one of the most unique ones I've seen -- although I still hold that the game would have worked better if you played Roxas throughout, only switching back to Sora just before the visit to The World That Never Was.

Having a situation where Donald and Goofy have to adjust to a new status quo with a new keyblade wielder, and having that engender conflict, and finally having the player feel a mix of resentment and happiness as Roxas leaves and Sora returns would have been very effective. Then again, I suppose Kingdom Heart's writers are naught if not sort of cowardly.

Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It's been a while since I've played Dragon Age: Inquisition, but currently I'm experiencing it in a different way: By watching the streams of Reecey Plays Some Games, who, while new to the franchise in general, seems to have become rather quickly hooked.

It's difficult to know what modern games will become classics, but Dragon Age: Inquisition, which still has an involved and enthused fanbase some three years on from its release, with no sign of interest in it waning, is a pretty good contender. It really does stand head and shoulders over nearly any other Bioware game.

So, I'm enjoying revisiting it a lot. Please, Bioware, now is the time to announce Dragon Age 4. We all know you're making it.

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