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Saturday, 16 September 2017

What We're Watching 16/9/17

What We're Watching

Outlander S3.

New Outlander! I admit that, even though Outlander is not exactly a good show (although it is, on occasion, an effective one) I am actually pretty happy about that -- for all its many flaws, I do really enjoy Outlander, especially since there's nothing else quite like it on television right now.

This third series is adapting Voyager, the third book in the series and also, coincidentally, the moment where the book series flings itself off the rails, with a massive timeskip and an oddly convoluted plot that is essentially all just a ruse to get the characters to America.

Last series showed us that the show tends to suffer when it takes Jamie and Claire out of Scotland, so god knows how this series is going to turn out.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

So, in preparation for Let's Playing it, I've been doing practice runs of Death of the Outsider, and so far I'm very much enjoying it. 

It's a slightly different beast from the usual Dishonored fare -- there's no power upgrading (with, instead, you having all of Billy's relatively few powers from the second mission onwards), and no chaos system, meaning that you can kill as many people as you like.

To account for that, the game now incentivises stealth in other ways (you'll very quickly be overwhelmed if you try to fight your way through, and some powers only function if people are alive) and has made the missions longer and more complex, along with adding in optional contracts.

Jikan no Shihaisha.

You know, Jikan no Shihaisha is definitely growing from being a shameless Fullmetal Alchemist to being something that's really quite enjoyable, even if it's not going to be winning any awards soon. 

At the heart of why the show works is the weird family unit the main characters have formed, with their interactions helping to elevate what would otherwise be a very mediocre battle shounen to a -- slightly less mediocre battle shounen.

(The creative uses of time magic also help.)

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