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Thursday, 3 August 2017

What We're Watching 3/8/17

What We're Watching

My Hero Academia.

So, I've finally caught up on My Hero Academia, and I have to say, I've really enjoyed it so far -- but I admit I enjoyed the first series more than the second.

It's not that the second series was bad, it's just that it had a stretch of episodes (specifically, the ones covering the one-on-one battles in the School Festival) that just sort of dragged, with the show trying to pack in a lot of one-on-one battles (I think we had Midoriya vs Shinso, Iida vs Hatsume, Bakugou vs Uraraka, Midoriya vs Todoroki, and Bakugou vs Todoroki getting a heavy focus, and a good dozen more briefer battles) that never really felt that distinct from each other or that interesting.

The show picked up pretty sharp-like with the internship arc, an arc focusing squarely on Midoriya and Iida, with a kind of mini-villain detached from the main plot in the form of hero-murdering ninja Stain, and that was exciting enough that I ended up mainlining that entire arc all in one go.

I'm actually kind of disappointed that I have to wait a week between episodes now.

Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones is nearly at its halfway point for this series, and it's actually been really good so far: Cersei, now queen, has been set up as a significant threat to the ambitions of both Daenerys and Jon; the White Walkers are nearly at the Wall; and we have strife in the North with various fraught family reunions, including Bran having apparently forgotten that it's rude to casually remind your sister of her violent rape.

Good going, Bran. You know everything now, except basic common sense, apparently.

In just a few days, the show will hit its halfway point proper, and it seems determined to do so with a bang -- and by 'bang,' I mostly mean 'dragons causing problems for Cersei.'

Speaking of, man, I thought Dragonstone was near Storm's End, but it's apparently literally right next to Kings Landing. That's convenient, I suppose, if not also rather dangerous.

Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf has started again, and it's just as incoherent and poorly thought out as it was when we left it -- although this time it appears to have a villain more terrifying than 'some men with horses.' What that villain is isn't clear, but it seems to be some kind of spider-related fear creature.

(We know deities exist in some form in this universe, so you may as well bring in a god and go out with a bang, Teen Wolf.)

The series is slated for nine more episodes, but a reboot has already been announced and is presumably well into production at this point, so one way or another, it seems unlikely that this show is going to be off our screens for very long.

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