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Saturday, 26 August 2017

What We're Watching 26/8/17

What We're Watching


Killjoys has had a stellar (get it, because it's set in space, it's -- it's set in space) third series, and its most recent episode -- a quieter affair about the characters confronting their pasts and futures -- sets us up pretty well for the all-out war between the Quad and the Hullen that's coming in the next episode.

Well. Except that, I suppose, that war isn't going to happen, because this series is made on a shoestring budget and all of its scenes in space look like they're being rendered on a PSX, so there's no chance in hell that we're actually going to get the pitched space battle the series has been promising us.

This current episode also reveals that Aneela has replaced (?) Dutch, and possibly was masquerading as her for the entire episode, so it'll be interesting to see where that goes.


Re:Creators has continued knocking it out of the park with its most recent episode, which gives us both another compelling team battle (Yuya, his boyfriend Sho, Blitz, and Weird Eroge Girl vs Altair), and a much more personal confrontation between Selesia and her comrade/love interest from her own world, Charon.

Aliceteria's death at Altair's hands came as a huge shock to me, since the only character the show has dared kill off so far was Mamika, who was marked for death the moment she appeared; but even more shocking than that was Selesia, our main character, sacrificing herself to stop Charon.

I honestly have no idea where the series is going to go from here, but there are still several episodes left, so presumably either Selesia is going to be resurrected somehow, or our focus is going to shift away from her and onto the Creations as a whole.

Dark Matter.

Dark Matter has ended for the year -- expect a review sometime soon -- and surprisingly, it hasn't managed to outpace Killjoys in the 'which is the better space opera' stakes. That's more down to how strong this series of Killjoys was than anything else, though, as Dark Matter has still delivered a lot of quality stuff, with a corporate war; an ongoing conflict between the Raza and Rio Ishida; and a set of ominous prophecies for the future slowly coming true.

None of which are more ominous than the prophecies about the Black Ships, revealed in the finale to be a fleet of eldritch aliens intent on fleeing their dying universe and consuming the energy of the one in the show (which, er, may or may not be the same as the Killjoys universe).

Interestingly, the show has continued its attempts at trying to change its core cast, only to, once again, completely fail. Well, maybe next time, Dark Matter. I believe in you.

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