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Friday, 11 August 2017

What We're Watching 11/8/17

What We're Watching

Jikan no Shihaisha.

Jikan no Shihaisha has just hit the end of its first arc -- an arc which rather bafflingly functions like an accelerated version of every shounen battle anime ever made -- but still insists on being frustratingly vague about things. Is Aisrehdar good or evil? Who knows. Is Mina really Victo's wife? Who knows. What are the Horologues? Who knows.

I don't even think the writers know.

Still, we're embarking on a new arc, now, as Victo, Kiri, Mina, and Blaze are all heading off to try to regain Victo's lost time. I admit, the little family unit the show has made -- with Kiri as the youngest child, Blaze as his older brother, Victo as the father, and Mina as Schrodinger's Mother -- is pretty cute, so I'll forgive it a lot of its sins.

Which are many, incidentally. So very many.

A family unit.

The Mist.

With just two episodes to go, this series has finally revealed the plot twist we all saw coming from, like, episode two: That Adrien, professional demisexual dude (and that's -- that's actually basically the sum total of his personality), was Alex's rapist all along. The show laughably presents this as if it's a shocking twist, and to be entirely fair to it, it was trying really hard to make it shocking, primarily by not foreshadowing it at all, ever, until the five minute expository sequence where we're told.

I suppose that, also, is an achievement of sorts: To not foreshadow a plot twist at all, and yet have it be entirely obvious to everyone watching.

In other highlights, we have Nathalie, previously the only interesting character in the show, losing all semblance of depth; Eve locking Jay in a cupboard; and Shelley showing some delightful hints of turning into a compelling character, seconds before she's clubbed to death. Good going, show! It's what Stephen King would have wanted, if he was alive today, which he is, so good for him.

Good for him.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi.

Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi has, some five episodes in, finally revealed the backstory of that waifish green-eyed girl who follows Hell Girl around, even though none of us care about said girl's backstory, none of us care about girl, and actually her backstory is more confusing than anything, since she seems to suddenly and unexplainedly manifest crazy fire manipulation powers four minutes from the end.

It's odd, because the green-eyed girl (she has a name, I just never learned it or any of the character's names) is clearly an attempt to inject a plot into a show that doesn't really need or suit a plot, since it's main mode is a series of smaller stories about the people who use Hell Girl to get revenge, rather than necessarily being about Hell Girl, her team, or any of the supernatural shenanigans surrounding them.

Still, we get that backstory, and said backstory is 'sometimes people are murder-y.' Honestly didn't need to spend a whole episode on that.

I will never learn any of these character's names. You hear me? Never.

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