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Friday, 4 August 2017

Editorial: 4 Really Good Visual Novel Openings

Editorial: 4 Really Good Visual Novel Openings.

Today was nominally going to be a Castlevania review, but as focusing today is basically impossible, I'm here to instead offer you some really good visual novel openings, because I've spent today watching visual novel openings and because this blog's remit is open enough for me to just do whatever.

Go figure.

Dandelion - Wishes Brought To You.

Dandelion - Wishes Brought To You is a game about a bunch of cats and rabbits that are transmogrified into a gang of attractive young men, and also there's a wizard, and some kind of deal where they vanish after a certain amount of time? It's been a while.

What it's definitely not is a dramatic enough story to warrant this slick, fast-paced opening, which includes its very own Standard Anime Villain Shot, of all things, and seems intent on convincing you that this is a story that is heavy on intrigue, action, and drama. Also, photographs. Also, small furry animals.

This is a pattern that's going to be showing up a lot in this editorial, and I think the only conclusion we can come to is that the otome market is just not playing around when it comes to openings.

Collar x Malice.

I've never played Collar x Malice (which is only on the PS Vita, which I don't have, and not yet available in English anyway), but apparently it's about detectives, and some mysterious incident, and people in animal masks, and all those other things that scream 'intriguing psychological drama' despite the fact that it's probably not an intriguing psychological drama.

The opening certainly makes it look like a psychological crime drama, though, with a heavy tilt towards surreality, mystery, and people angrily pointing guns at each other, overlaid onto a song that wouldn't sound out of place on a Psycho-Pass soundtrack, and shot through with plenty of imagery involving flowers, coins, cats, and so on, and so forth.

Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel.

The only opening on this list that doesn't come from an otome game, this is coincidentally also the worst opening on this list -- although that probably has more to do with it being a Type-Moon property and with Type-Moon being just terrible.

Still, it's a decently dramatic opening, with lots of people looking ominously at the camera and/or charging big energy attacks, and it even has some genuinely pretty good visual moments -- such as the very beginning, which depicts shadowy people loping through a drowned Tokyo -- to create a sense of intrigue.

Unfortunately, it's a Type-Moon game, and so terrible. Just so we're all clear on that.

Yuukyou no Tierblade - Lost Chronicle - .

Full disclosure: I have very little idea what this game is about.

It's post-apocalyptic, apparently, and sort of fantasy-y, and there are giant robots involved, and the main character is from before the apocalypse, and there's a bunch of dudes with different giant robots, and they're all doing stuff.

You know, the usual stuff.

The opening is gorgeous, though, promising soft, gentle, pretty fantasy shenanigans, and would have single-handedly convinced me to play it if this game had ever been released in the West and if it wasn't on the Playstation Vita, a handheld console that neither I nor anyone else I know even owns.

Still. Super pretty.

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