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Thursday, 3 August 2017

And Now, A Word From Reecey

And Now, A Word From Reecey.

Sorry, there won’t be a proper post from me today, I’ve had something of a hectic week and a stressful day.

I will, however, offer you a list of the things I plan to review over the next month as penance.

For your consideration:

The Darkside Detective 10/8/17

Dark Shadows 17/8/17

Old Magic 24/8/17

Old Harry’s Game Series Three

Starting a schedule seems like a good plan, and this is a good first step in achieving this. Who knows? Maybe I can eventually contribute -gasp- multiple times a week.

I’m looking at you, Sundays.

So, again my apologies, and I look forward to sharing these reviews with you!

Have a nice day!

Editor's note: Stay tuned today, though, because we'll have a What We're Watching up before long.

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