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Friday, 28 July 2017

What We're Watching 28/07/17

What We're Watching

Game of Thrones.

So, hey, new series of Game of Thrones. Once again, I'm doing it as an ongoing, and so far (with all of about two episodes out) I'm really having fun with it. After a great many series where the plot was stuck in a holding pattern, it's now zooming ahead at lightning speed, even if 'lightning speed' does sometimes mean 'many scenes of people sitting and talking around tables.'

For the first time in a while, too, I genuinely don't know what's going to happen, and that's actually quite exciting -- knowing that there are big things coming, including big changes to the status quo, but not knowing what those big things will be, or even who will be alive at the end of series seven (let alone who will be alive at the end of series eight).

About the only thing I do know is that the series will probably try to wrap up the war for the Iron Throne by the end of this series, leaving the next and final series open to be entirely about defeating the White Walkers.

My Hero Academia.

So, I decided to watch this weeks ago, and then just didn't. But I got around to it the day before yesterday, and marathoned the first thirteen episodes over a span of about three days. Given how short my attention span is, that says a lot of good things about its quality.

(I was told that the first three episodes weren't very good, and while the pace definitely picks up from episode four onwards, I did actually really enjoy those first three episodes, although I think episode three is by far the weakest episode of the series that I've seen so far.)

It reminds me somewhat of Tiger and Bunny and somewhat of One-Punch Man in its aesthetics and sensibilities, and especially in its take on superheroes; and it reminds me a little of Bleach and a little of Fullmetal Alchemist in its structure; and it even reminds me a touch of Kekkai Sensen -- but for all that it's clearly taken inspiration from a huge range of sources, it's also very distinctively its own thing.

Expect a review of it next week some time.

The Mist.

So, here's the thing I've realised about The Mist: It has no idea what it wants to be.

This is most manifest in its approach to the titular Mist and why it's dangerous: In the span of six episodes, we've seen creepy insects killing people, a smoke monster, people hallucinating, the mist causing spontaneous bleeding, the mist causing people to turn into insects, some monster that ripped off a woman's jaw, and the mist making physical manifestations of people from its victims' pasts.

The show just can't decide what it is that it wants this creepy mist to do, so it's just throwing everything it can at it.

Similarly, the show can't seem to decide anything else, and it keeps setting up plotlines that end up oddly and unintentionally ambiguous. For example, early episodes draw parallels between Eve and her daughter, implying that the salacious rumours about Eve are the narrow-minded townspeople trying to punish her for being a rape victim -- until later episodes go 'Heeeey, actually, no, she's unfaithful and terrible and all those rumours were true.' The show's local eyeliner wearing demisexual dude flip-flops between arch-manipulator and fragile morality pet, while Alex's relationship with Eve can either be extremely good or terrible depending on what episode you happen to catch them in.

It's just so all over the place. I saw someone describe The Mist as boring once, and it's definitely not boring, because waiting to see how everyone's entire personalities and driving motivations will abruptly change is a rollercoaster all on its own.

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