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Saturday, 1 July 2017

What We're Watching 1/7/17

What We're Watching


A new series of Killjoys, my favourite currently airing space opera (from the grandiose field of three shows, one of which I cannot abide, so that may not necessarily mean much), has just started, so I'm pretty excited about that.

With the last series having split up the main gang, with John heading off to do his own thing while Dutch and D'avin investigate the Hullen conspiracy in the Quad, in advance of Aneela arriving to take it over.

But all other things being equal, this wasn't a brilliant first episode -- John's new partner was immediately replaced with someone entirely different, clearly shoehorned in because Clara's actor wasn't available; Dutch and D'avin's storyline was oddly difficult to keep up with but basically boiled down to 'surprise, there are still a load of Hullen in the Quad!'; and the whole thing just felt like it lacked much in the way of impact.

Still, the series has nine more episodes to pick up the slack, and I'm certainly not going to stop watching.

The Mist.

The Mist, an adaptation of the Stephen King novella of the same name, is clearly trying to set itself up as the go-to horror series for 2017, and it's sort of working out? I guess?

The basic concept is that a town has been engulfed in a thick mist that both makes people hallucinate and is occupied by both monsters and crazy, murderous animals that all collectively now have a thing for gruesomely killing people. With half of a family stuck in a shopping centre and half of it stuck in a church, the two families must try to reunite while surviving the deadly mist, and the conspiracy behind it.

When it's effective, it's very effective, with some brilliant scare moments. When it's not effective, it's also mind-numbingly boring, mistaking 'tension' for 'long, lingering still shots where people talk about nothing in a vaguely ominous way.'

Only three episodes are out right now -- and there's another two weeks before we get a fourth -- but it's off to a somewhat promising start, at least.


Re:Creators comes highly recommended, so I finally got around to giving its first episode a watch, and I can definitely see why people are enjoying it so much. It has a moderately interesting premise (even if Vogelchevalier does seem like a show I'd rather watch than the show about it), some great fight scenes, and Hiroyuki Sawano doing his Hiroyuki Sawano thing, so there's that.

Whether the series can actually find any depth or build that moderately interesting premise into an interesting plot remains to be seen (well, by me, at least), but I'll definitely be watching at least a few more episodes and seeing what I think.

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