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Saturday, 15 July 2017

What We're Watching 15/7/17

What We're Watching

Jikan no Shihaisha.

I picked up Jikan no Shihaisha on a whim a few days after its first episode aired, and was astounded to see exactly how much its first episode was, in essence, Fullmetal Alchemist's first episode, except with 'time' instead of 'alchemy.' It was almost uncanny how much the two were alike: Two brothers arrive in a strange town and encounter a young woman who lives there and is unhappy with her lot in life in large part due to the death of a loved one. While defeating the evil that resides in the town, the two brothers reveal that they were also driven to make the same mistakes as the young woman at one point, resulting in a loss of identity for the younger of the two.

It's the exact same story. What is it about this season of anime and poor imitations of much better shows?

So, I'd settled in for however-many episodes of Fullmetal Timechemist when the second episode came along and, surprisingly gratifyingly, managed to mix up the formula somewhat, shifting the focus onto the idea that the brothers' dead mother(/wife, since one of the brothers is actually the family's father who's been de-ageing slowly and losing his memories) may actually be alive, and introducing a mysterious new character into the mix.

The animation isn't getting any better, though, and Victo is still wearing his coat like an idiot. So there is that.

The Mist.

Well, after the kind of long break that can only be had by foolishly releasing your first three episodes on the same day and then waiting weeks for the fourth, The Mist, an adaptation of the Stephen King book of the same name, has returned.

I can't figure out if I enjoy The Mist, which does sometimes manage to be genuinely scary and atmospheric, or if I hate it, because every single plot twist is telegraphed so largely that people on the International Space Station can see them. I know that everyone in the church is going to die or be converted to Mrs. Raven's weird moth cult; I know the demisexual dude raped his friend and then blamed the football guy; I know that the shady military group who've never been directly seen yet inadvertently caused the mist in the process of trying to study it.

The Mist is only going to be eight episodes long, and honestly I think any more and it would outstay its welcome, which is why I'm going to be so annoyed when this series ends on a cliffhanger to rope us in for a slightly longer second series.

Dark Matter.

Dark Matter is currently going from strength to strength, with the seventh episode of its third series being another surprisingly strong outing from a space opera that was always a lot of fun but has also always slid back and forth along the quality scale.

We're now halfway through the third series, or thereabouts, and while there are plenty of balls up in the air -- Ryo Ishida and Zairon; Ferrous Corp and the corporate war; Three's dead-and-now-AIed wife who he possibly may have killed; and the Android's strange vision of the future, part of which has already come to pass -- the series is dealing with its many plot threads with surprising confidence, leaving me hopeful that, at the very least, we're going to be seeing conclusions to two or three of those four storylines this series.

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