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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Editorial: Best Trailers of SDCC 2017 (or the ones we liked the most, anyway)

Editorial: Best Trailers of SDCC 2017
(or the ones we liked the most, anyway).

Justice League.

I absolutely shouldn't be excited for Justice League. Snyder is a provably bad director and it will definitely be a total mess.

But, man, I really am. I'm happy to see more Wonder Woman, and the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg all look like a lot of fun. I'm even happy to see Affleck's Batman back, since he's definitely not the worst Batman we've ever had (Christian Bale's Batman takes that title). Steppenwolf is a pretty obscure villain, but I like seeing films give obscure villains a bigger profile.

Most of all, though, it just looks like fun. I'm not expecting it to be a particularly deep film, but I am expecting it to be an enjoyable romp, which is really all I need from a superhero film.

Once Upon A Time.

Oh, man. This is going to be a mess.

The new series of Once Upon A Time -- focusing on a grown up Henry as the main character, but confirmed to at least include Regina, Gold, and Hook (although Jennifer Morrison, and by extension Emma, seems to have left for greener pastures) -- is apparently offering a new curse, a new tone, many new characters, and the reveal that there is an infinite number of parallel fairytale universes, each with their own fairytale casts.

Because that's definitely what this show needs: Infinitely recursive versions of all of its characters, taking an already tangled and overly convoluted show and elevating it to Type-Moon levels of bizarro world complexity.

Time will tell if this series will be fun to watch, but obviously it's not going to be good -- it will, at the very most, be entertainingly terrible.

The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

These three (sans Arrow, which just wasn't very good, and Black Lightning, which was really just a trailer for the entire rest of the Arrowverse) are getting lumped together as one item, not just because they're all part of the same strand of shows, but also because they're all very similar.

Each one seems to be drawing footage mostly from their first few episodes, and determinedly not giving much away about the plots of their respective series, instead focusing on the character fallout from the bombshells at the end of their previous series -- Barry joining the Speed Force, Mon-El leaving (please don't let him return), and the Legends breaking time (which doesn't seem to be affecting any other series).

The emphasis in each one is different: Supergirl is focusing primarily on Kara's pain, The Flash on getting Barry back (with it left unclear if they do in that first episode or if Wally's going to don the suit), while Legends is basically all hijinks, but they're all fun to watch, and they all set us up pretty well for when those shows return in October.

Star Trek: Discovery.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for Star Trek: Discovery, and the new trailer at SDCC, which gives us some pretty hefty plot details involving Klingons, a mysterious alien inside a sarcophagus, and Harcourt Fenton Mudd (seemingly), has only made me more excited.

In many ways, the aesthetic and tone of the series seem to be a pretty drastic departure from the norm for Star Trek, but I'm pretty okay with that, to be honest, especially as it looks like it should be amazing, with a great cast, a great plot, and some really stunning production values.

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