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Friday, 2 June 2017

Editorial: E3 2017 -- Hopes, Nightmares, Expectations.

Editorial: E3 2017
Hopes, Nightmares, Expectations.

E3's just around the corner, so with that in mind, let's quickly talk about some of the games we at Fission Mailure are hoping will show up at the expo, and our hopes, nightmares, and expectations for them.

Kingdom Hearts III.

Now having been in the air -- whether being procrastinated on or actually developed -- for over a decade, Kingdom Hearts III has gained some publicity in the run-up to E3, with a leak declaring it would be at E3 with a 2018 release date announced, shortly before Square-Enix remarked it would be appearing 'within the next three years or so.' Since fans were promised more news on it would be materialising in winter of 2016, people are understandable anxious.

Hopes: A full trailer, with a strong story theme, gameplay done with the game engine, and at least a release window of a year or a season, if not an actual release date. Potentially short bits of gameplay footage separate to the trailer. Some confirmation on who, if anyone, have replaced the sadly departed Leonard Nimoy and Christopher Lee.

Nightmares: It's never mentioned. At all.

Expectations: A trailer which is fifty percent or more stuff we've already seen, with a 'Coming Soon' label slapped on it for a release date. The ever ominous 'Not in-game footage.'

Call of Cthulhu.

Call of Cthulhu, a horror role-playing game based loosely on the tabletop RPG of the same name, and the short story by H.P. Lovecraft, will definitely be showing up at E3, that much has been confirmed. In what capacity and how much information they'll give out is anyone's guess, although the game does have a release window of later this year.

Hopes: A meaty trailer that tells us about the story. Plenty of gameplay footage, and opportunities for reporters to play part of the game themselves. A firm release date, and a reaffirmation of what platforms it'll be on.

Nightmares: The same trailer that showed at E3 2016, only the release window has been replaced by 'in development.' Nobody remarks on this at all.

Expectations: This close to release, I'd expect to see hints that it's complete or nearly complete, but it wouldn't surprise me if we find out the release date has been bumped to early next year.

Dragon Age 4.

We know Dragon Age 4 is coming eventually, but it's one of the more fanciful items on this list -- it's neither been teased for E3 nor confirmed at all, so an announcement for it would be a considerable surprise for fans. Still, Inquisition is three years old now, and Trespasser, the last DLC, came out two years ago. With Andromeda having drawn a lot of harsh criticism, Bioware and EA might well want some good publicity in their pocket.

Hopes: An announcement trailer that tells us a little bit of the story and maybe even shows us some gameplay, with at least a speculative release window.

Nightmares: "Hey, guys. We decided we're not doing any more Dragon Age games, but look, here's some Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC!"

Expectations: We'll hear nothing about it. Maybe, at best, we'll have a tiny announcement trailer confirming that it's coming soon.

Death Stranding.

It's fairly likely that Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's 'open world action' game, devised after the total collapse of Silent Hills, will be at E3. Of course, we've seen Death Stranding teasers before, but they've always been abstract, art film affairs, with little to no hint as to what the gameplay or story is like.

Hopes: A trailer with actual gameplay. Some inkling of what the plot is, other than 'sort of creepy.' Even speculative gameplay will do.

Nightmares: A teaser that is all abstract, creepy imagery again, with no substance. No gameplay, story details, or release date.

Expectations: A teaser that is all abstract, creepy imagery, but maybe with a tiny hint of a plot. No release date, but maybe a very broad release window.

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