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Friday, 12 May 2017

What We're Watching 12/5/17

This was going to be a The Walking Dead: A New Frontier review, but I swamped with work, so here's a What We're Watching instead.

What We're Watching


So, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! series has started, and its first episode is definitely a first episode in which events took place.

Not included among those events: Anybody actually playing card games? I mean, there was hacking, and AIs, and cults, and social awkwardness, and surfing, but weirdly, no actual card games. It ends on the promise of a card game.

I'm fully expecting next week's episode to start just after that duel is over.

Joke's aside, I do actually find myself kind of liking the premise and setting, and the main character -- socially awkward hacker Yusaku -- seems like an actually pretty fun and interesting character to have around.

Kingdom Hearts.

Don't ask me why, but I've been mainlining Kingdom Hearts cutscenes lately.

I know I say quite often that Kingdom Hearts is a barely coherent, overly pompous, weirdly fanfic-esque mess of a story, created by an incompetent narcissist who cannot write and whose track record with even releasing his games is dubious at best, and with a business model so bizarre and tangled it would be predatory if it weren't so baffling -- but it's important to remember that I only say those things because they're true. They're all true.

That having been said, I really like Kingdom Hearts. It's not a guilty pleasure, because I don't have those, but it's one of the closest things I have to one, a game series I know is bad but adore nevertheless.

Once Upon A Time S6.

You know, if you told me I'd be enjoying the latter half of Once Upon A Time's sixth series this much, I wouldn't have believed you.

The show will apparently be ending in its current form after this series, with a new cast of characters taking the place of Emma and company, and honestly that's a good idea -- but having a clear end point in mind has allowed the writers to have a bit of fun, including an episode that was both a musical and a wedding episode, combining the two things most likely to spike your ratings.

The Black Fairy, played by Jaime Murray (formerly of Hustle) is a pretty fun villain, and her presence in the series -- as opposed to straight-up cut-price Disney villains, like OUAT's version of Hades -- definitely improves it.


Arrow's had a pretty strong series so far, and a vast improvement over the last two, which were mediocre at best and irritatingly bad at worst, but it's reaching the moment of truth that will make or break the series.

Some show's stories can survive a bad ending, but the story of Arrow's fifth series, revolving around Ollie locked in a proverbial chess game with vengeance-obsessed-ninja Prometheus, isn't one of them -- if it can't finish up this storyline in a way that feels compelling and satisfying, it will basically ruin the entire fifth series' narrative.

That would be a shame when this series has breathed new life into the show, but at the same time, if they can't pull this off, it will probably be a sure indicator that it's time to quietly retire Arrow.

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