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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Let's Play Tales of Zestiria Masterpost

Let's Play Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria was a game I wanted to Let's Play for a pretty long time before I did -- Danganronpa was originally a replacement for it, after I discovered that Tales of Zestiria had a pretty awful (and totally unenforcable) EULA that said that any Let's Play, fanart, fanfiction, or other derivative work could be seized and used at any time by Namco Bandai as their own work. So, I played Danganronpa (and very much enjoyed it), and then Danganronpa 2, and along the way, I ended up playing a bunch of other interesting games: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, Alpha Protocol, Dishonored 2, and Always Sometimes Monsters (which I still need to play the sequel to, one day).

But I did eventually decide to try Tales of Zestiria, and I'm glad I did. It's not a perfect game -- in fact, its story is horribly, terribly flawed -- but it was the first Tales game to truly catch my interest and keep it, and it made for one of the most enjoyable Let's Plays I've done on my channel.

One day, I'll do Tales of Berseria, but right now, the channel's busy with Trails of Cold Steel (for which I've acquired no less than two (2) weird angry guys who dislike all my videos because I didn't like their waifu), Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters (which is ridiculous), Alisha's Story, and, come the end of June, Valkyria Revolution. After that, there's Danganronpa Another, Trails of Cold Steel II, Danganronpa V3, and most likely Telltale Games' Guardians of the Galaxy on the table, so it might be a while until we get to Berseria.

Anyway, here are the videos, do check them out:

The Playlist.

Start of Act 1.

Start of Act 2.

Start of Act 3.

Start of Act 4.

Start of Act 5.

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