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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Editorial: Who Is Savitar, Part 2 (Four More Candidates)

Editorial: Who Is Savitar, Part 2 
(Four More Candidates)

So, since Thursday's editorial, we have, in fact, found four other candidates for who Savitar could be -- and thus, as promised, it's only right that we should collect them here in one place.

For those interested, part one is over here.

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Anyway, let's crack on with our round-up of some additional suspects. Have any more we've missed, in this part or the last? Leave a comment and explain why you think your preferred suspect is Savitar.

Eddie Thawne.

Suggested by several users on Reddit's FlashTV subreddit is Eddie Thawne, Iris' boyfriend in the first series who sacrificed himself to defeat Eobard.

While Eddie was killed, the show made a point of having his body be sucked into the Singularity, and I honestly do think that the reason they did that was so that they had the freedom to bring him back at a later date if they wanted to.

Rick Cosnett has been busy in shows like Quantico since then, but his schedule seems to be oddly free right now, so there's not much in the way of a practical barrier to him returning.

My problems with Eddie, though, are the same as my problems with Ronnie: Since his only recent appearance on the show has been as a mouthpiece for the Speed Force, the reveal that he's Savitar would lack any kind of impact on the audience. There's also the fact that Wally wouldn't recognise him anyway, so there'd be no reason for hi to be so shocked.

Literally Every Speedster/The Speed Force.

Okay, hear me out.

What if, what if, Savitar is Speedster Hell? No, no, don't leave.

The Arrowverse has been generally cage-y about what happens to people when they die, but we know from what happened with Sara, Ollie, and Constantine that they have souls -- and it's probably not unreasonable to guess that speedsters, who are connected to the Speed Force and even have their own quasi-psychopomp in the form of Zoombie, are absorbed into the Speed Force in some fashion when they die.

Savitar himself seems to have some connection to death and the afterlife, being able to perfectly mimic dead people, and moreover, seemingly exclusively mimicking dead people.

So, what if when Savitar says he's the God of Speed, he's not being figurative? What if Savitar is a gestalt entity comprised of every speedster that has died across the timeline. Given that that would include Zoom, the Reverse Flash, Trajectory, and the Rival, such a being would definitely have motive to kill Barry -- and since it would also contain Barry, Wally, Jay, and Jesse, there'd be plenty of reasons for Caitlin to trust him and for Wally to be shocked.

In fact, out of all the options presented in this part and the last, this is the one that passes the Wally Test with flying colours, combining betrayal by no less than three mentor figures, with the knowledge that all his enemies live on in some form, with the knowledge that one day, he'll become Savitar.

Eobard Thawne.

I'd say this one in the least likely one on this list of five -- even less likely than Eddie -- because Eobard has already been the villain of a series this year, having been the main antagonist of this year's series of Legends of Tomorrow, a villainous stint that culminated in him dying at the hands of Zoombie.

But pretending that's not the case: Eobard certainly has a motive to want to hurt Barry, and there's even a good reason why Caitlin would trust him, since he was her mentor for years. His trip to the past to kill Barry's mother means that he's technically the first speedster to show up in this timeline, fulfilling the 'first speedster' part, as well.

Except, once again, if it was Eobard then Wally wouldn't care, or even recognise him. The Wally Test really is where s many of these theories fall down.

Julian Albert.

Another candidate that popped up while browsing r/FlashTV was Julian.

Obviously, Julian was revealed to be Doctor Alchemy ages ago -- but the idea that he's also Savitar isn't that farfetched. We already know that, in his capacity as Alchemy, Julian acted as a sort of 'vessel' for Savitar, so the show has already hammered in that the two are linked, and remain linked even after Julian has stopped being Alchemy.

Perhaps more importantly, though, Julian has handled the Philosopher's Stone (something that seems to turn most people into metahumans), and we know that he desperately wishes he were a metahuman -- given the opportunity to get super-speed, it's doubtful that he'd turn it down.

Possibly the most compelling evidence, though, is Savitar's fondness for mythology, and especially Hindu mythology -- none of the other characters, bar maybe HR, have shown an interest in mythology before, but Julian was so interested in it that he went on a full-out expedition into India's jungle.

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