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Friday, 14 April 2017

Editorial: 5 Game Releases We're Looking Forward To.

Editorial: 5 Game Releases We're Looking Forward To.

Hey, guys, you know what we've not done for a while? Looked at some upcoming games we're looking forward to!

Given that 2017 has seemed determined to front load all its big releases into the first half of the year, the number of games with any kind of excitement value set to come out later this year is surprisingly low, but we managed to scrounge up a few that should be good.

Or, at the very least, entertainingly bad, which leads me onto:

Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dreams, professional developer of terrible games with creepy mannequins-bashing-against-each-other sex scenes, has a new terrible game (creepy sex scene to be announced) on the way! This one is taking a Blade Runner tack, following a detective and her android partner in a futuristic cyberpunk Detroit, because if there's one thing every gamer has said at one point, it's "I hope the company that made Heavy Rain tries to tackle the complex philosophical and moral issues surrounding the Electric Sheep subgenre."

Let's all be totally honest with ourselves here, with eyes unclouded by hate: This is going to be absolutely awful, and in spite of that, it's going to be a critical darling. It might win a BAFTA. It will probably win a BAFTA.

But there's something of a frisson of delight in that, if only because watching an unmitigated trainwreck is always enjoyable, so I will be keeping a keen eye out for this game's release.

Dark Rose Valkyrie.

Compile Heart has never produced a game I like, or even a game that hasn't made me actually sort of weirded out, and almost certainly never will. With that in mind: Compile Heart has a new game coming out later this year, titled Dark Rose Valkyrie and styled after the Tales games, with several team members from the Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss teams joining them on it.

My own reservations about Compile Heart notwithstanding, the game does sound interesting, combining JRPG mechanics with a Danganronpa system for identifying infected traitors in the ranks of your party. Done right, that could make for something truly special, and even quite harrowing.

The story involves some kind of disease that turns people into monsters, and the main character looks like Sorey from Tales of Zestiria, and apart from that, we know next to nothing about this game's storyline.

Call of Cthulhu.

'Psychological horror role-playing game based on one of HP Lovecraft's most well known works,' is a pitch that will always get me somewhat interested, which is good because we know basically next to nothing about this game.

It has an elevator pitch strong enough, with enough fan appeal, that if it's made well and marketed well, it should be an instant classic.

However, slightly alarmingly, developer Cyanide has, prior to this point, predominantly made cycling games. But don't fear! They have made an RPG before -- they made 2012's terrible and poorly received Game of Thrones RPG.

Good. Great.

Pillars of the Earth.

This game has been in development for ages, but is apparently now scheduled for release this year, and it remains one of the oddest ideas for a game I've ever heard.

Pillars of the Earth is a novel set over the span of some fifty years about the process of a town building a cathedral, and so it is a really weird choice for adaptation into a game. That said, Daedalic Entertainment have a very strong track record with games, so I almost can't imagine it being bad.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what it's like.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth -- Hacker's Memory.

I really enjoyed Cyber Sleuth -- although regrettably I've not had a chance to play Next Order at all -- so the idea of a sequel to it is a pretty delightful one for me. From the sounds of it, the idea is that the re-used assets will mean it's cheaper to make (and they can probably do the same with Next Order afterwards), so they can add a bunch new Digimon and places while still having it cost a fraction of the first Cyber Sleuth.

We don't have much more in the way of details, but we do have a release window of 2018 for Europe and the US.

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