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Saturday, 4 March 2017

What We're Playing/Watching 4/3/17

What We're Playing/Watching

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I got this game yesterday, and haven't had much chance at all to play much of it. Literally, I'm still on the tutorial plateau that is meant to teach you all the stuff about dungeons, survival in the wild, and so on.

What I've played so far, however, I've really enjoyed. The graphical style is very Skyward Sword, but the gameplay and story construction owe more to Twilight Princess than anything else. The survival elements are interesting, but somewhere around the time when Link broke his sword, I decided weapon durability was a pain.

(Luckily, new weapons are literally everywhere.)

Combined with a pretty unique aesthetic for Legend of Zelda and a plot that is already really interesting, it makes for a game that so far seems pretty special.

Horizon Zero Dawn.

This is where the 'watching' part comes in, because while Horizon Zero Dawn looks very interesting, I myself don't own it. Instead, I've been watching the stream of it by Reecey, who you might remember from Gideon's Day (1958) a few days ago.

It's almost uncanny that two open world games with survival elements about a hunter surviving in a  post-science-fiction world came out so close together, but it's also definitely a coincidence. A happy one, because Horizon Zero Dawn manages to weave an intriguing plot and interesting gameplay in just the first two hours.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

A game I've been Let's Playing and enjoying a lot, Trails of Cold Steel is basically what you would get if Final Fantasy VIII and Valkyria Chronicles had a child, and then that child was raised by Persona 4. 

It's odd. Very odd. But for all that, it's actually a lot of fun. It's got a cool turn-based battle system with a surprising amount of depth, a fun setting, quite a few engaging characters, and a graphical style that is juuust this side of modern to be tolerable to my delicate sensibilities.

There's a third game due to come out -- most likely next year or the year after for those of us in Europe -- so luckily I have plenty of time to play the first two games before that one even considers gracing our screens.

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