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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Steven Moffat Hates Women: The Masterpost.

Steven Moffat Hates Women:
The Masterpost.

It occurs to me that we've put some time between us and my 'Steven Moffat Hates Women' series, which means its high time to gather links to all of those editorials in one, easy to access place, for the reading pleasure of anyone who likes me complaining about Steven Moffat.

One of these days, I should really do one for Reki Kawahara.

Anyway, here are four editorials digging in just a little to Moffat's many, many problems with women.

Steven Moffat Hates Women, Part 1: Moffat's Five Archetypes -- A look at the character types that show up again and again in Moffat's work. Using a stable of character types isn't necessarily a bad thing for a writer, but it does speak to what your core preoccupations, motives, agendas, and ideals as a writer are, and in Moffat's case, they speak to some pretty weird stuff.

Steven Moffat Hates Women, Part 2: Women As Performances -- In which we talk about the recurring idea that Moffat seems to have that women exist only as prolonged performances for men: To wit, that everything they do is for the view and benefit of men, both in-universe and out of it.

Steven Moffat Hates Women, Part 3: Moffat and his Fans (and Critics) -- Having looked at Moffat's writing, we now look at his behaviour outside of his fiction, and in his treatment of both his fans and critics. Needless to say, he shows quite a bit of scorn for both.

Steven Moffat Hates Women, Part 4: The Thrilling Conclusion -- In which we tie together the first three posts to attempt to build a (semi-complete) picture of why and how Moffat writes women so badly.

Well, that was fun. Let's rag on a particular writer again sometime.

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