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Friday, 10 March 2017

Editorial: 4 Things I Definitely Won't Be Reviewing.

Editorial: 4 Things I Definitely Won't Be Reviewing.

Can we make this a regular feature?

Maybe. There's a lot of stuff I don't review.

Iron Fist.

Back when Daredevil started airing, I told myself that I would finish and review all of the Defenders' series. Well, I broke my word to myself, as I've yet to finish Luke Cage, months after it became available for Netflix, which means I won't even be attempting to watch Iron Fist.

Given how little buzz I've seen for Iron Fist -- in fact, I didn't even realise it was out until a few days ago (is it out?), it seems that I'm not alone in this, and that, in fact, nobody is watching Iron Fist, at all, ever.

Which is how it should be, really.


At this point, we all know that Fox has a statue of Wolverine in their studios, which they pray to and possibly sacrifice people to, but this has to stop. I've never met anyone whose reaction to another Wolverine film -- or even Wolverine cameos -- has been anything other than sheer exhaustion.

Who is going to see these films? Who's buying them on DVD? Where is Fox getting the idea that people want these? Is there just a silent majority of people who go and see any film with Wolverine on the posters?

It's baffling to me, and since there's nothing about Logan that I find remotely interesting, I will be giving it a miss.

For Honor.

In fairness, I've heard For Honor is pretty good -- from some people, at least, there are plenty of other people saying it's terrible. But the game never really caught my eye, and in a part of the year where we're just getting a deluge of good games, For Honor just hasn't made the cut.

While the concept is interesting, words 'co-op focused' and 'Ubisoft' will always instantly turn me off any game, and the game doesn't bring enough interesting new ideas, or enough of a compelling story, to the table to balance that out.

Sleepy Hollow S4.

An attempt was made. About six minutes into the first episode of the fourth series, though, I realised I was bored out of my skull, and the attempts promptly ended there.

From a reviewer's perspective, however, it feels that this fourth series is already guaranteed to be bad. In a small cast, losing one of your two central characters more often than not sounds the death knell for a show, and Sleepy Hollow was already floundering -- and had been floundering since the moment Moloch died.

Ultimately, it just doesn't interest me, personally or professionally, and for that reason alone I'm not going to expend forty minutes a week on it.


  1. Logan has been getting the highest praise of any X-Men movie Fox has ever released, aside from Deadpool. It's seriously good. I'd recommend you watch it.

    1. That does make it sound interesting, but at the same time, I think I'm all Wolverine'd out.