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Thursday, 16 February 2017

What We're Watching 16/2/17

What We're Watching

I've picked up a surprising amount of new shows lately, which means it is definitely time for another What We're Watching.


The new show from Eric Kripke, Timeless is cashing in on the 'time opera' craze kicked off by Doctor Who and sustained by shows like Legends of Tomorrow, and follows three operatives -- Lucy, a history professor; Rufus, a scientist; and Wyatt, a Delta Force operative -- as they chase terrorist Garcia Flynn across history.

The show has managed to be pretty interesting so far, balancing time travel shenanigans with a conspiracy plot involving the mysterious Rittenhouse, presumably named after David Rittenhouse -- I'm only six episodes in, so that might be wrong. It's definitely the most grounded of the time operas on television currently, eschewing the more sci-fi elements of time travel stories in favour of a simple action-conspiracy story with a single science fiction element: The time machines.

That may change over time, and probably will, given that Kripke's work has a tendency to suffer a high degree of genre drift. For the moment, though, I'm really enjoying this show.

Zero: Dragon's Blood.

Guys, why did none of you tell me there was a new Garo series. I love Garo. I love it moderate amounts.

The last Zero series was actually one of my first reviews on this blog, and I thought it was kind of terrible -- but so far, Dragon's Blood is managing to impress me a little bit more, getting back to the nitty-gritty basics of what Garo tends to be. All of that means it's very, very formulaic, but fun regardless.

That said, is it just me, or is the fight choreography this time around a bit uninspired? Zero seems oddly slow in battles, and while that may be the creators trying to mimic Garo himself, who often moves quite slowly for intimidation factor, it's just not really working.

On the bright side, Rekka is in this series! So that's nice.

Space Sentai Kyuranger.

I've watched one episode of this series so far, because only one has aired, and I'm not impressed. The first episodes of Sentai shows tend not to impress me that much, though, so we'll see.

Kyuranger's first episode, felt oddly like three episodes packed into twenty minutes. There was the standard introductory episode stuff, but there was also, like, a focus episode about Blue thrown in there, and an episode about the giant robots added for good measure. It was jam-packed, and not in a good way.

I'm also not keen on the suits. Or on how half the cast are either robots or furries.

The 100 S4.

Is The 100 still airing? Weird.

I lost interest in this show somewhere around the latter part of the second series, so watching it is now officially a chore for me. For that reason, we'll make this one quick: I find everyone in this show incredibly grating, and it is starting to get to me.

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