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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Teen Wolf S6E6: Ghosted

Teen Wolf
Series 6, Episode 6

Teen Wolf's hiatus was rather short, wasn't it? I suppose they don't want to leave the storyline hanging for two or three months when they're only five episodes in. Production delays will do that, one supposes. Still, we did have a hiatus of sorts, so presumably the show will want to kick off its second act with a bang, right?

Apparently not, because this episode is the antithesis of 'a bang.'

A few days after finding Peter and contacting Stiles, Scott, Lydia, and Malia all head to the town of Canaan, only to find it empty except for one woman and her son. As the woman reveals herself to be a banshee, and her son a fake version of her dead child, the group are trapped in her house, while Lydia discovers that the Wild Hunt took the entire town of Canaan. Meanwhile, back in Beacon Hills, Liam and Hayden move forward on a plan to trap a Rider, with the help of Garrett Douglas, their Physics teacher and, unbeknownst to them, the Nazi Alpha. When they decide they need someone with kitsune powers to help them, they set out to bring back Theo.

The gang's all here. Well, no, they aren't, but

So, this episode is really boring, and also just kind of shoddily constructed. The main thrust of the episode is that Scott and company are in the creepy town of Canaan, but the manner in which it's creepy makes no sense -- one of the enduring images in the town is a carousel horse with blood on it, but the town's empty because of the Wild Hunt, who just take people away bloodlessly. Moreover, much of the plot hinges on Scott and Malia hallucinating, and then being locked in a house via telekinesis, having water conjured into their lungs, seeing a creepy little boy, all that jazz, and this is apparently meant to be the work of a banshee -- but we've seen a couple of banshees now, and none of them have those powers.

But worse than all that is that there's very little to this plot. The gang goes to the town to find out it's secret and see that it's nearly empty, and then by the end they discover that the secret of the town is that it's nearly empty, something they already figured out at the beginning, making the extremely rushed 'trapped by a banshee' section just feel totally pointless.

The episode tries to create some mystery by implying that the new banshee character might have been a willing participant in the mass kidnapping, offered her child back as a reward, but nothing is ever made of it, especially as the mystery is resolved two seconds later by Lydia realising that no, she did not in fact help them.


We get the plot reveal at the end of it that kidnapped people eventually become Riders, but I was under the impression that we already knew that? That seemed pretty obvious to me.

The plotline with Liam and Hayden is a little more interesting -- there's a sentence I never thought I'd say -- as they use Kira's sword to drag Theo back out from the Skinwalkers' grasp, only to discover that while he doesn't have the kitsune's power anymore, he does remember Stiles, and he knows things about the Hunt.

Honestly, it seems like it would have been more interesting if Theo really did have all his old powers, thus making him both a tremendous threat to the group and functionally indispensable in taking down the Wild Hunt. Still, his appearance does inject a bit of conflict into the story, and he does mention that if the Wild Hunt isn't leaving, it must be because they're trapped -- who wants to bet that Claudia Stilinski, who is definitely not actually Claudia Stilinski, is the one trapping them?

Theo's looking much prettier these days.

The addition of the Nazi Alpha -- who Theo seems to recognise, despite the fact that when last they met, the Nazi Alpha was a mummified husk in a pool of green liquid and not, you know, an actual dude with hair and stuff -- makes the plot slightly more interesting, but only slightly.

We also get a slightly odd plot with Melissa trying to save Argent's life, but it's ruined completely by them constantly making references to 'Celtic' as a language, despite there being no language with that name. Celtic describes a language family that includes Goidelic and Brythonic languages, not an actual language itself. Americans are such idiots sometimes.

So, that was Ghosted: A dull episode that nobody should watch. I'm so glad we got that firmly established in our minds, so going forward we can at least look at the rest of this show and go 'Well, at least it's not Ghosted.' I think that will really help us.

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