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Friday, 13 January 2017

Fission Mailure Awards 2016: Other.

Fission Mailure Awards 2016:

Our final category of the bunch, as we throw out a load of miscellaneous awards onto various different shows, actors, characters, games, songs, soundtracks, films, books, what have you. This is an awards free for all, and we're not going to be going too in depth with any of them, so let's go.

Award for Best Actor in an Otherwise Terrible Film: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

You have to sympathise with Robbie. She was given a bad script, put into a costume that owes more to the New 52 than to Harley's classic original outfit, and then had it all topped off with a bad director and far, far too many scenes with Jared 'the Edgelord' Leto.

But she does make the best of it, and ended up as one of the highlights of incoherent action flick Suicide Squad -- the others being Will Smith and Viola Davis -- and I'm actually really looking forward to seeing her again in Gotham City Sirens

Award for Worst Actor in an Otherwise Terrible Film, and also just generally: Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar in Warcraft, and also in all of his other roles.

You also have to sympathise with Travis Fimmel, whose vOIce will RAndomLY go Up and DoWN in VOLume with risINg intonation? In odd places, and who always seems to always be portraying an unhinged serial killer regardless of the role, the scene, or the director.

You could probably make a decent case that I'm ragging too much on Fimmel, but I'm really, truly not. He is painful to watch, and not in a good way.

Award for Most Bizarre And Jarring Time Skip In A Video Game: Final Fantasy XV.

I am, by and large, against long time skips in fiction anyway, and especially against time skips that come any later than halfway through the story. So you can imagine that a ten year time skip just before the final hour of massive fantasy roadtrip game Final Fantasy XV didn't sit well with me.

It's made worse by the fact that there's no good narrative reason for it except to shoehorn in a reference to Final Fantasy VI. Look, I loved Final Fantasy VI as much as the next guy, Tabata, but if you want to remake it, then just go and remake it.

Most galling of all, I've read the brief for Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and there was no timeskip in that, so I can't even blame Nomura for this one.

Award for Best Anime OP of 2016: "DiVE by Amatsuki, Digimon Universe Appli Monsters."

With some interesting imagery involving trees, snakes, and the protagonist's self esteem problems, and a really fun, vibrant song to go with it all, Appmon's opening easily made the biggest impression on me this year.

That having been said, this would have been Yuri on Ice's opening if they hadn't reused the same footage, like, three times. No, no, I understand, they had a shoestring budget, and it's amazing what they did with that, but there is a limit to how many times I can see Yuri's shirt magically transform mid-spin before I get bored.

There is apparently no limit to how many times I can watch that dramatic zoom-in shot on Rei's eye in the Appmon opening, though. Make of that what you will.

Award for Best Video Game Soundtrack of 2016: Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack, by Yoko Shinomura, Florence Welch, OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons.

Thank you, Yoko Shinomura, for once again proving yourself to be one of Square-Enix's most invaluable assets, a deeply talented composer whose work never fails to impress.

Thank you also to Florence Welch for various vocal tracks, all of which are superb, and to OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons, for also being there on the soundtrack.

Award for Least Interesting Romance in a Television Show of 2016: Mon-El and Kara, Supergirl.

I'm looking forward to an exciting few months of sleeping through all of these guys' scenes, let me tell you that.

Bonus points for scrapping an actually pretty interesting romance between Kara and Jimmy for this. Extra bonus points for foregoing another pretty interesting romance possibility between Kara and Lena for this.

I mean, come on, Berlanti and company, I know you can do better.

Award for Favourite Web Series of 2016: Digimon Adventure Abridged.

The people at Project Mouthwash are skilled, funny, and understand their source material perfectly, and while there have only been a few episodes of this series so far -- four, to be precise -- it has quickly become my favourite abridged series and my favourite web series full stop nonetheless.

You can go and check it out here, and I recommend you do so if you need a laugh. 

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