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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Teen Wolf S6E3: Sundowning

Teen Wolf
Series 6, Episode 3

You know, despite the fact that I think we can all rightly agree that Teen Wolf is a trash-tier garbage series, I will miss it when it's gone. It's bad, but it has always been a fun kind of bad, and it's really only in the opening gasps of this series that I've ever felt it was beginning to grow stale, or that it was outstaying its welcome. There's always been a lot about the series to enjoy, and I do think I probably would have had a lot more fun with the past two series if I hadn't been reviewing them.

In this week's episode, it is revealed to the audience that Beacon Hills' new physics teacher is in actuality the Nazi Alpha who the Dread Doctors had imprisoned. Meanwhile, Scott, Lydia, and Malia figure out that 'Stiles' is the nickname of the Sheriff's father and, against the Sheriff's wishes, visit him in his nursing home to try to find out who it is that they're forgetting. As this is going on, Liam, Cory, Hayden, and Mason attempt to protect a young woman whose sister was taken by the Wild Hunt, and who was unfortunate enough to see one of them -- meaning that she'll be the next victim. Meanwhile, Melissa and Chris investigate several murder victims, and discover that somebody is removing their pineal glands.

As I saw somebody else pointing out this week, the whole 'erasure' dealio of the Wild Hunt isn't very well thought out. Do they erase only memories, or do they remove that person from the timeline altogether? If it's the former, why do that person's belongings vanish, and why is Sheriff Stilinski now married? If it's the latter, then surely Scott wouldn't be a werewolf anymore, since he becomes one because of Stiles.

-- Wait, do you have a monobrow?

Also, the existence of a young woman who remembers her sister even after she disappeared seems to indicate that if you see the Wild Hunt, then you don't lose your memories of the people they take. If that's the case, then why did Cory and Mason forget that one guy who the Hunt took from the school before? They should have remembered him.

The whole 'protect this woman from the Wild Hunt' plotline meshes with Teen Wolf cliches in a really weird way, as well. For starters, this is not the first time the show has had its protagonists inexplicably decide that the best place to protect someone -- or do anything -- is at a crowded, dimly lit party, despite the fact that that makes no sense. It is, however, the first time that they've taken as read that a girl who's distraught over her sister vanishing will definitely come to a keg party, and bizarrely been right about that.

Predictably, it goes horribly wrong, with the entire party seeing the Wild Hunt, meaning that they're all going to get captured -- but while Liam vaguely acknowledges that he screwed up, nobody ever addresses that this was a stupid plan from the outset. For god's sake, just take her to the animal clinic. Or take her to the McCall house without a party involved.

Parrish, you have fire powers. Use your fire powers. Put the gun down.

The plotline with Scott, Lydia, and Malia meanwhile, revolves around them breaking into the nursing home and talking to Stiles Senior, who begins sundowning partway through the conversation. In keeping with Teen Wolf's tendency to take and misuse real world concepts, sundowning is an actual thing, where dementia patients' symptoms worsen as the sun goes down, due to a disruption in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the part of your brain that responds to light-dark cues and maintains your circadian rhythm.

It is decidedly not five minutes of confusion followed by the patient becoming abruptly and completely lucid, which is how it's used here, leading to the rather predictable revelation that Stiles Senior is an awful person -- oh, and that he remembers Stiles, for some reason. It's never explained why, but I guess dementia is magic now.

Worse, that plotline doesn't really lead us anywhere. By the end, everyone's sort of figured out that Stiles is the Sheriff's son, but honestly, they should have figured that out as soon as they heard that 'Stiles' is a family nickname, since they already have reason to believe that the missing Stiles is around the same age as them.

Scott, confused as ever.

Meanwhile, the Melissa and Chris part leads us to the revelation that the Nazi Alpha is eating pineal glands as a substitute for eating souls. For some reason. It's an odd plot turn, and given that the Nazi Alpha isn't a hugely interesting villain (the group has seen and faced off against Alpha werewolves before, after all -- a whole pack of 'em, even), it doesn't really have much impact. So he eats pineal glands. So what. So he has a really bad cough. So what. Give me a reason to care about what this guy does, show.

So, that was Sundowning. A rather slow, rather odd episode, but next week looks like we'll have a much faster-paced fare, with the Wild Hunt hunting down everyone who was at the party.

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