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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Teen Wolf S6E4: Relics

Teen Wolf
Series 6, Episode 4

You know, I mostly just found this episode exhausting. It does have some interesting stuff in it -- mostly towards the end -- but otherwise, it pans out seemingly exactly as you would think it'd pan out, and it raises some weird questions about the Wild Hunt that I'm ninety-nine percent certain the show isn't ever going to explore.

In this week's episode, with the imminent threat of the Wild Hunt arriving to take everyone who saw them at the party away, the gang decide to keep them safe in Chris Argent's bunker, having figured out that the Wild Hunt ride lightning bolts and thus can't penetrate into an underground chamber lined with mountain ash. The plan rapidly begins to fall apart, however, when several of the targets choose to play in a lacrosse game rather than go to the bunker, and one of the students in the bunker attempts to escape. As Scott and Liam attempt to fend off the Wild Hunt, Mason comes to the conclusion that Parrish can stop the Hunt, in his capacity as a Hellhound. Meanwhile, Lydia searches for relics that Stiles existed, and in doing so runs across a curious mystery: Claudia Stilinski.

Okay, we'll start with the really interesting stuff this episode, which is the mystery surrounding Claudia. In grand dramatic irony fashion, we the audience are aware that something is wrong with Claudia -- who, remember, died from frontotemporal dementia -- being alive, and that that something can't truly be explained by Stiles being erased. But Lydia isn't, so we get to see her slowly becoming convinced that something is wrong, culminating in her and her mother looking at Claudia's medical files and realising she should have died years ago.

This guy is very pretty. He shall be the new main character. It is decided.

This raises a whole bunch of interesting questions, not just because up until this point, I thought Mrs. Stilinski was somebody the Sheriff had remarried, not actually Claudia Stilinski. But also, it marks her out as something that deliberately doesn't mesh -- her appearance alive is inexplicable, because even in a timeline altered by the disappearance of Stiles, she still had frontotemporal dementia and she should still be dead. Combined with her rather harsh rebuke of Lydia for searching for a mysterious 'something' behind her wallpaper, and it all creates the impression that this isn't really Claudia Stilinski, but instead somebody masquerading as her.

Incidentally, the explanation for why people erased from the timeline leave behind objects they'd owned is utterly stupid. It's basically Lydia going 'well, because the conservation of matter means that they can't just vanish,' even though it would make perfect sense for the matter that makes up those objects to just end up as what it would have ended up if the owner of those objects hadn't existed. Like, we see at the end of the episode that Stiles' jeep is his relic, but it'd make perfect sense for just somebody else to have owned the jeep instead in this timeline.


The other big interesting thing is that Mason concludes that the Wild Hunt is afraid of Parrish and that he can stop them, only to be hi-lariously proven wrong when they just shoot Parrish in the chest and take him out instantly, implying that they had actually planned ahead for him showing up. Honestly, I don't think this is Mason's fault, because this is the first Teen Wolf villain we've had in a while who actually bothers planning ahead.

Wow. What convincing flames. They look just like the real thing.

Is this review done yet? I honestly don't have it in me to talk about Teen Wolf's 63rd iteration of the 'there's a lacrosse game but it goes horribly wrong' plotline. Long story short, there's a lacrosse game, and it goes horribly wrong.

But, um, query: Why weren't Liam, Hayden, Cody, and Mason taken? They were all at the party too. You can maybe fluff it by saying that the Wild Hunt aren't interested in supernatural creatures, so they left Liam, Hayden, and Cody alone, but Mason isn't a supernatural creature and he has seen the Wild Hunt. He should have been one of their targets, but the show just kind of dances over that, which is to say it doesn't acknowledge that fact at all.

Will this come up in another episode? No, probably not.

The incredibly poorly lit gang's all here.

The episode ends on Liam deciding to capture a member of the Wild Hunt, which is -- fine? I guess? I mean, that doesn't actually seem like a difficult thing to do, just get a lightning rod, set it up in like sixteen circles of mountain ash, and wait for a storm. Easy. The real problem comes when the thus far completely silent Rider is captured and you're left with an irate ghost who probably isn't going to tell you much.

Next episode looks like it'll have Stiles returning, and maybe even be a wholly Stiles focused episode, and honestly, thank god for that. It'll be refreshing after three episodes of the gang fumbling around trying to figure out what to do about the Hunt.

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