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Friday, 4 November 2016

What We're Watching 4/11/16

Quick note that there won't be a post tomorrow, since I'm rather busy. Next one will be Gundam IBO on Monday.

What We're Watching

Legends of Tomorrow S2.

After a couple of somewhat politically charged Supergirl episode, we now have a (sort of? I wouldn't have thought that 'slavery is bad' is a particularly controversial view point, but it apparently is in America, so) politically charged Legends episode.

In all honesty, the main problem with this episode is that it was kind of toothless. The subject matter is a heavy, serious topic, and the show seemed to take pains to be very -- safe about it, to avoid having Jax be too angry, to avoid having it at all impact his relationship with, say, Stein, elderly white dude extraordinaire, and to kind of present slavery as some kind of long bygone remnant of the past, rather than something which functionally still happens in modern day America.

The few moments where the show did have some bite to it were great, and I will never turn down fiction about slavery, especially stories about slavery where our viewpoint characters are black people and not the Standard Issue Horrified White People.

Could have done without the zombie plot, though.

Bungou Stray Dogs S2.

Bungou Stray Dogs has just started on an arc about the Agency, the Port Mafia, and the Guild all trying to wipe each other out -- and it gets off to a pretty good start, with the Guild wiping the floor with both the Agency and the Port Mafia, a new Mafia executive called Kouyou Ozaki being introduced, and Kyouka going missing.

Tonally, it's a pretty big shift from the Dark Era arc, but I can't imagine it'll take long to readjust, especially since it looks like this series is going to be a lot more grim and serious than the previous one.

Hopefully not too grim and serious, though, I cannot abide things that are grimdark.

Agents of Shield S4.

Apparently this series of Agents of Shield is meant to kind of sort of tie in to Doctor Strange, but I'm not seeing it yet -- we have magic, sure, but said magic doesn't really resemble the magic of Doctor Strange and doesn't really tie into the plot of the film at all, bar, I suppose, the possibility that the Darkforce is somehow connected to the Dark Dimension.

Either way, it looks like this arc is coming to a head, as Dante's uncle is revealed to have been the mastermind behind the Darkhold shenanigans all along. We also got a brief glimpse of another Ghost Rider, who fans are currently guessing is Johnny Blaze, because let's face it, it's not going to be Danny Ketch, is it.

Luke Cage.

I'll be honest, I am running short on energy as far as Luke Cage goes.

I just reached the end of episode eight, and much like Daredevil before it, I find it increasingly difficult to get through episodes. They're very slow paced, very cerebral at points, often even kind of ponderous, and I just don't do well with that.

What's more, I don't find Diamondback to be half as interesting a villain as Cottonmouth. He's just a guy with a gun and a bible. You could literally swap him out with Wolfwood from Trigun and not change anything.

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