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Saturday, 19 November 2016

What We're Watching 19/11/16

What We're Watching

Another week, another grab-bag of four shows we've been watching.


So, it's taken me five weeks to get around to watching this show, and it's -- kind of okay? It's not brilliant, and it doesn't feel especially Doctor Who ish (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but it's entertaining enough. Its biggest problem is that despite being nominally aimed at young adults, it feels intrinsically pitched to appeal to baby boomers.

Often it's little things, like a character who consistently goes on rants about technology and smartphones and Instagram, and is always portrayed as right for doing so. Sometimes it's bigger things, like an entire plotline about how parents who commit monstrous acts against their children still deserve respect.

Anyway, the show is ticking along with a plotline about an alien prince, a superweapon, the mysterious School Governors, and the Shadowkin, who surprisingly aren't otherkin who believe they're shadows. The whole thing has a markedly more fantasy feel than Doctor Who, with enemies so far including shadow people, vines that grow dead people feelers, and a dragon.

Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow had another Wild West episode this week, because I guess they have that Old West version of the theme song already geared up and ready to use, so they may as well. It wasn't all that interesting, apart from giving us some cool moments with Sara being all captain-y. I  know Rip is going to eventually return, but I hope he and Sara just become co-captains when he does.

We also got another brief hint of what's going on with the whole Barry Allen thing, as apparently it involves an evil speedster.

Next week, it looks like the plot's taking a bit of a hiatus as we have the Heroes vs Aliens four night crossover, which I'll be covering in its entirety.

Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf has started again, with its sixth and final series. I'm doing it as an ongoing, since I did series four and series five as well, and to be honest, the series isn't exactly off to a stellar start.

There's still a lot of room for it to turn out well, with a storyline about memory loss and the Wild Hunt having some genuine potential, but the first episode was rather uninspiring.


After the weird reveal last week that being drunk apparently makes Quentin into a ninja, a revelation that threatened to shove the show back into jumping the shark territory, the show rallies this week by having every character go 'Well, obviously Quentin doesn't become an expert martial artist and a master of weapons when drunk, someone is trying to psych him out and set him up.'

The main plot of the episode, however, focuses on the introduction of the imaginatively named Vigilante, a masked killer whose nature closely resembles Ollie's from the first series, thus tying in with Prometheus' schtick of being obsessed with Ollie. This series' theme seems to be Ollie's early show antics coming back to haunt him, which is a pretty interesting tack to take.

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