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Saturday, 12 November 2016

What We're Watching 12/11/16

What We're Watching

After a week of fewer ongoings and more editorials than usual, here's our weekly What We're Watching.

The Apprentice UK.

With recent events, I always feel it's necessary to clarify when talking about The Apprentice that I mean the UK version, with grumpy working class children's hospital patron Lord Sugar, and not the US version, with screaming ball of bluster and bigotry Donald Trump.

This current series has, as is expected from The Apprentice, been filled to the brim with incompetents who desperately believe they're all brilliant businesspeople despite fumbling with even the most basic of tasks, and that's always a delight to watch.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters.

Digimon Universe Appli Monsters has just introduced another one of its Chosen Children, and is set to introduce its third very soon, along with having had the main characters capture another of the Seven Codes they need to face the (seeming) main villain, meaning that six episodes in we're almost halfway on our way to defeating the main villain in what is presumably a fifty episode show.

All of this is just hammering in for me that Leviathan is not, in fact, the main villain, and might not even last much longer than Devimon did, maybe only making it to thirteen or fourteen episodes before being taken out and replaced with a new villain -- especially as it's looking increasingly likely that we'll see another Seven Codes introduced and captured in episode eight.

As far as the show itself goes, it's fun and colourful and kind of mindless. It makes for an enjoyable twenty minute distraction every week, and it potentially has the makings of something pretty great if it builds on what it's already set up.

Once Upon A Time S6.

So, Once Upon A Time is definitely a, er, show.

The most recent arc sent us spiraling back down the pit of endless Snow-Charming storylines, which is a shame as they are easily the most boring characters on the show. Because the show does have interesting characters: Emma, Regina, Hook, Henry, Gold, and Belle are all pretty interesting characters to watch, and yet the show is constantly pushing its two blandest cast members.

Luckily, they are now beset by a sleeping curse where only one of them can be awake at a time, so at least we'll only have to deal with one of them at a time for a while.

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V.

Things continue to heat up on Arc-V, as Yusho makes his way towards Yuri to battle him, and Kaito and Edo both lose in their four-way-duel with Yuri and Yugo, leaving just those two to face off, along with their dimensions' dragons.

It's seeming very likely that that battle will culminate in Yuri absorbing Yugo, setting us up for a showdown between Yuya-Yuto and Yuri-Yugo as the two halves of Zarc, with each one trying to absorb each other.

Meanwhile, we also have Reiji facing off against his brother Reira, who seems to be being spoken to by the spirit of Ray. Who wants to bet that it's actually not Ray at all, but actually Zarc?

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