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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Editorial: 6 Things I'd Like To See From RWBY Volume 4.

Editorial: 6 Things I'd Like To See
From RWBY Volume 4.

You know, I did one of these last year, but it occurred to me that we're already three episodes in to RWBY's fourth volume and haven't done anything of the sort this year. So let's crack on with six things I'd like to see from RWBY's fourth volume.

More Maidens.

I'll be very surprised if we don't see more Maidens -- in fact, we might have already seen one -- since they are kind of intrinsically tied into the main plot, and since we've already had Salem remarking that she wants to go after the Spring Maiden next.

So this is a lot less aspirational than the others on the list, and much more something that we almost definitely will see: I'll be very surprised if the Spring Maiden doesn't appear (again, if she hasn't already), and we might well see the Winter Maiden as well.

Weiss, Blake, and Yang getting their own temporary teams.

Obviously, Ruby has her own temporary team, in the form of Team RNJR, composed of herself and the remnants of Team JNPR. But I'd really like to see Weiss, Blake, and Yang getting their own temporary teams, as and when they end up battling against Grimm again -- which is definitely going to be longer for some of them than others.

Blake is already well on her way to this, with Sun having joined her in this most recent episode. Maybe we'll see her join up with Velvet when she reaches Menagerie?

As far as Weiss and Yang go, it might take a bit longer before we see them fight again, but Weiss is pretty well-positioned to end up teaming up with Flynt, Neon, and others.

Some clarification on what Salem is.

I say this mostly because RWBY's fandom tends to, in the absence of information, get confused about the difference between what they believe and what they know -- as evidenced by all the people claiming Cinder was a Grimm cultist whose Semblance was 'destruction,' whatever that last means.

At the moment, Salem seems to either be something similar to the Wizard, one of the Maidens, or -- my preferred theory -- a very old and very intelligent Grimm. Either way, her true nature is definitely tied into the nature of the Grimm, and most likely the nature of Dust and the world itself. It'll be interesting to see what her motivations and abilities are.

More information on the Silver-Eyed Hunters.

Because that one just kind of came out of nowhere.

Also, I noticed that all of Salem's inner circle have golden eyes? Relevant, possibly?

More (or any) LGBT characters.

One of RWBY's great advantages as a television show is that it's not beholden to the whims of out of touch executives, of conservative networks who don't want to rock the boat, of distributors who might refuse to work with more forward-thinking shows, and so on, and so forth. 

It's in an almost unique place of freedom, and it's certainly taken advantage of that somewhat -- we know from the problems Legend of Korra faced that action shows with female leads are often hamstringed by networks, so the fact that Rooster Teeth has given us an action show with four female leads is pretty neat.

There have been general rumblings about how it'd be nice for RWBY to have LGBT characters for a while, and there's really no reason for them not to: LGBT people do exist, after all, they make up a significant part of the population, and as the cast of characters grows, it's baffling that we've not really had any yet.

A complete, distinct plotline.

By which I mean 'a story that has a distinct arc, with a beginning, middle, and end, even if it ties into a wider story.'

In a way, this has been something the previous three volumes haven't had -- all three of them together, rather, serve to form a single, distinct plotline, analogous to what one series would be in any other story. 

But the Rooster Teeth team have more experience now, and more importantly, they have more budget and more episode time to work with. I'd like to see that applied to create a volume that both fits into the show's overall story, and functions as a distinct entity.

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