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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Editorial: 5 More Super Cool Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters.

Editorial: 5 More Super Cool
Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters.

Usually today would have been The Flash, but there was the US election last night. We all know how that panned out.

So here's a fluffy editorial on Yu-Gi-Oh monsters.

C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight.

While most of the monsters on this list are big, blowout dragon-y types that will win a game for you instantly. Dark Knight is a little more subtle than that.

Instead of being a monster who specialises in destroying other cards, Dark Knight's ability allows it to return to the field whenever it's destroyed, and bolster your life points by its attack (2800) every time it does, so long as it has overlay units -- which it can get by cannibalising a monster on your opponent's field.

It's an enormously useful ability, which used right can allow you to rack up life points pretty much endlessly, especially as it's difficult to negate, since it activates from the graveyard.

Odd Eyes Raging Dragon.

Only recently introduced into Arc-V, Odd Eyes Raging Dragon is main character Yuya's newest card, a kind of counterpart to his previous ace monster, Odd Eyes Rebellion Dragon. While the latter is made up of a xyz of Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, with the design emphasis being heavily on Dark Rebellion, Raging Dragon is made up of the same xyz, but with a marked design focus on Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

Apart from having a neat design, combining Pendulum Dragon's colour scheme and features with Dark Rebellion's body shape, and adding in some big flaming wings for good measure, it also boasts an impressive 3000 attack points and a pretty destructive ability, as it can consume all of its overlay units to destroy every card on the field and gain 200 points of attack for each.

It can also attack twice, so that's a thing.

Number C88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo.

One of a lot of cards that came out during Zexal and Arc-V that had to be nerfed for consumer release, Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo, the evolved form of wacky scar-faced fanservice junky Four, has, in the anime, the power to inflict 4000 points of life points damage by consuming one of its overlay units, which it could have anywhere between one and three of.

This, in a television show where everybody starts off their duels with 4000 life points.

It also has a second, equally terrifying ability, that being that if it runs out of overlay units -- which it's using to inflict massive amounts of damage on an enemy -- its player automatically wins the game.

Also, it just looks cool. Lions are cool. Everyone loves a good lion.

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon.

Wow, this list is just fill of [Something]-Eyes [Something]  Dragons, isn't it?

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon is the evolved signature dragon of Arc-V's version of Kaito Tenjo, standing in for his usual signature monsters, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, and Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon.

It's big and rainbow-y and it has three heads, and its main ability is to just strip its opponent field of monsters and use that to create more of itself, all with 4500 attack. In the right circumstances, it's basically an instant win card.

Moreover, it is incredibly pretty, with a striking red, blue, and gold colour scheme, and big rainbow wings, and that's always nice.

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

Introduced in the Dark Side of Dimensions film, Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (nabbing a naming scheme from the Galaxy-Eyes series, which are in turn homages to Blue-Eyes) is Kaiba's new ace card, a souped up version of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon that can attack multiple times in a turn by sending other Blue-Eyes monsters to the graveyard, along with an effect negating ability that it can use from the graveyard.

Apart from having 4500 attack points and some pretty terrifying abilities, it also just looks cool, with a sleek, silver, three-headed design covered with glowing bands of blue light. Very pretty. Very impressive. Very Kaiba-ish.

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