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Saturday, 29 October 2016

What We're Watching 29/10/16

What We're Watching

Another Saturday, another What We're Watching, and I still haven't watched Yuri!! On Ice.

RWBY Volume 4.

Web cartoon RWBY has just started its fourth volume, picking up after a pretty shocking and dramatic end to the third volume, which saw the characters' home devastated; the team split up; two of the main characters, Pyrrha and Ozpin, dead at the hands of antagonist Cinder; and Cinder's boss, Salem, revealed.

One episode into the fourth volume, and we're off to a pretty good start, with a first episode that was evenly split between a meeting between Salem and several of her lieutenants, including Cinder, and a battle between the newly formed Team RNJR, consisting of Ruby and the remnants of Team JNPR.

As always, I am hoping that RWBY does well this volume, both in terms of quality and in terms of increasing its budget and audience. It seems to have hit the ground running in that regard, and a DLC for the RWBY video game has just been released as well, which is always nice.

Agents of SHIELD S4.

Like Once Upon A Time, Agents of Shield is a series that feels like it's been airing for a lot longer than it actually has. That said, it's still pretty entertaining, even though I'm not sure it'll ever be especially brilliant.

This series has thus far focused on the appearance of Ghost Rider and a plot by a set of ghostly scientists to discover a book called the Darkhold, which is apparently full of forbidden knowledge. After a few episodes of Skye acting as a rogue agent, the last few have seen her and Coulson teaming back up again, which seems set to put them in the firing line of the new Director of SHIELD.

It makes for an interesting concept, at least, and it'll be fun to see where they take it. So far, the series has been a perfectly pleasant watch, even if I'm not exactly waiting on the edge of my seat to see where the show goes next.

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V.

Arc-V, the fifth series of card game anime Yu-Gi-Oh, is now into the hundred-and-twenties, and looks like it's just about heading into the final stretch. Recent episodes have revealed that Yuya and his three doppelgangers in the four dimensions of the show are all fragments of a world-destroying madman named Z-Arc, while Yuya's best friend Yuzu and her three doppelgangers are fragments of Ray, the duelist who stopped him.

'Main character is secretly evil' is actually a pretty standard plot turn for Yu-Gi-Oh, so I don't think anybody was tremendously shocked at that reveal, especially as we've had a good hundred episodes of Yuya occasionally going berserk and trying to kill people with a children's card game.

Almost surprisingly, the series still feels pretty fresh, despite being well into triple figures by now. This was about the point where the last series, Zexal, started to feel increasingly tired and nonsensical, so it's fairly impressive that I'm not losing patience with Arc-V yet. I just wish we'd actually gotten a proper, full length Xyz Dimension arc.

Arrow S5.

Weirdly, this series of Arrow has continued to be kind of okay. Tobias Church isn't a hugely compelling villain, but he's clearly not long for this world, either, with the mysterious archer being the obvious main villain of the series.

Meanwhile, Ollie having a team of recruits has revitalised the series somewhat, and the idea of John returning in the near future to rejoin the team is something to look forward to.

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