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Saturday, 22 October 2016

What We're Watching 22/10/16

What We're Watching

Another Saturday, another What We're Watching. I did almost watch Yuri! On Ice this week, but that'll probably have to wait until next week.

Bungou Stray Dogs S2.

We had two episodes this week (courtesy of the show's timeslot being changed from Wednesdays to Fridays), taking us to the end of the Osamu Dazai in the Dark Era arc. It ended in predictably tragic fashion, but with what is probably the best episode of Bungou Stray Dogs so far.

That leaves us with eight or nine episodes to cover the Guild arc, and it wouldn't surprise me if that arc ends up either very heavily condensed, or sprawling out into another series. Either way, I do think that the four episodes spent on this arc were worth it: It gave us possibly the most interesting storyline of the series so far, after all.

I did like Oda. I'm pretty sad that he's dead. But I also think we all knew that was how this story was going to end, so there's that.

All Out!

I figured I'd give this one a try. Sports anime aren't really my thing, but it and Yuri!!!(!!!!) On Ice have been getting a lot of buzz lately, so I thought I'd take a look.

It took about ten minutes for me to decide that there was absolutely no way I was even getting through an entire episode, let alone an entire series. There's something oddly nineties-ish about the animation, but more than that, it's just boring. 

In the first ten minutes, basically the only thing that happened was a prolonged joke about one character being tall but gentle, and another character being short but violent, and honestly, that joke was old when Fullmetal Alchemist started fifteen years ago, and it hasn't become any fresher since.

I skipped forward a little, and it seems to just be more of the same -- height jokes and occasionally people whispering about rugby.

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

I have no idea whether I'm enjoying Ex-Aid or not.

In fairness, I may have a better idea of my thoughts on it if I had actually watched any of it subbed, but as it is, I've only watched raws, which means I'm missing out on a metric ton of nuance and such -- although I kind of doubt there's all that much nuance to pick up on. 

As it is, it's entertaining? I think? I definitely don't hate watching it, but neither am I on tenterhooks waiting to see what'll happen. The themes (medicine and video games) don't seem to mesh well at all, and that bothers me a little.

Once Upon A Time.

I'm not -- actually entirely sure why I'm still watching Once Upon A Time. I think it's just because, as with Supernatural, I feel like I have to, so that I can then review it. In fairness, though, Once Upon A Time is at least slightly entertaining, which puts it head and shoulders above Supernatural.

(Please be cancelled soon, Supernatural. Please release me from this living hell.)

This series, which focuses on the return of the Evil Queen (in split-off from Regina as a separate entity form) and on Emma coming to terms with her destiny being to die at the hands of a great enemy like all Saviours before her, seems like it should be the show's final series -- but I've thought that before, and yet this show has still not ended.