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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What We're Watching 15/10/16

What We're Watching

We did one of these last week, but since this is a pretty busy season as far as television goes, we might make this a weekly thing for the next few months, letting me put up some quick thoughts on a small handful of shows every week.

In that spirit, let's crack on with our picks for this week, which are overwhelmingly comic book adaptations.

Luke Cage.

I haven't watched nearly as much of Luke Cage as I wanted to by now, although I'll probably go and try to watch a few episodes once I'm done writing this.

So far, though, I'm really liking it. It's got interesting characters (I wasn't that keen on Luke during his appearances in Jessica Jones, but he really shines here, and I'm looking forward to seeing him in The Defenders); some excellent cinematography; often pretty inspired dialogue writing; and a plot that follows the same formula as Daredevil and Jessica Jones, in that it's essentially a gritty-ish crime drama with a light dusting of superpowers.

It also has one of the key problems of both those shows, which is that during its night-time scenes -- thankfully few and far between -- I can't see a thing.

Legends of Tomorrow S2.

Legends of Tomorrow has started again, and boy, am I glad that I'm not doing that as an ongoing this year, because my entire first episode review would just be me rambling about how that's not how time travel works or should work in any form of fiction ever.

If the trailers are anything to go by, Vixen will be joining the team, which I'm rather looking forward to. It also seems like Eobard Thawne and Damian Darhk are our villains for this series, which is an interesting turn -- taking two series villains from Arrow and The Flash -- but not necessarily one that I hate.

Oh, and the Justice Society of America has shown up. I don't much care for them, so I'm hoping they leave quickly and without any fuss.

Supergirl S2.

Supergirl has just started its second series, complete with a move to the CW, meaning that the CW now has DC shows airing four days a week. Just one more and you'll have every weekday, guys! I believe in you!

Anyway, the series is off to a pretty great start, with Cadmus set to be the main villains, and Clark Kent and Lena Luthor both having been introduced as recurring characters (and played by Tyler Hoechlin and Katie McGrath respectively, both of whom I really like). Mon-El also shows up briefly, and will presumably take a slightly bigger role later in the series.

The first episode was probably the highlight of my week as far as television goes, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

Supernatural S12.

There's been a pretty significant kerfuffle in fandom lately, as Misha Collins has been victim of some pretty horrific at times comments regarding, of all possible things, him choosing to spell Castiel's dimunitive as 'Cass' (as it's spelled in the script) rather than 'Cas' (as fans like to spell it).

As for the first episode of the new series: Good news! It's even worse than you could possibly reasonably expect. It's boring, the dialogue is tired, the main actors look increasingly like they'd rather be anywhere else.

The big conflict, at least for the first part of the series, seems to be the British Men of Letters, in what is the most thinly veiled analogy for gun control ever, as 'Lady Antonia Bevell' (played by Australian actor Elizabeth Blackmore doing a terrible English accent) monologues on how there hasn't been a single monster-related death for years.

Apart from that, the big draw is probably the addition of Mary Winchester to the cast. Given Supernatural's track record, she'll be dead by episode five.

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