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Friday, 14 October 2016

Editorial: Six Things I'd Like To See in Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss

Editorial: Six Things I'd Like To See
In Digimon Adventure Tri:

So, a little earlier today, we got the full, official, high quality release of the post for Digimon Adventure Tri's fourth film, Loss. It's a nice poster. Very red.

Which makes this a very good time for me to talk about a few things I'd like to see in the fourth film, especially since it will be kicking off the second half of the story, and since we saw a major change in the status quo at the end of the last film.

Some answers about the 02 kids.

At this point, 'give us some answers about the 02 kids' is the repeated refrain of the Digimon fandom, but in fairness, it is both one of the biggest mysteries of the show and very much the most poorly handled one. 

With each film, we're given small hints as to what has happened to the kids, which is nice, but the main cast's inability to acknowledge for more than three seconds at a time that there might be something wrong is grating on more than a few people.

The reason for this, of course, is pretty clear, because if the cast realises four of their friends are missing, that will immediately become their sole and primary focus, relegating the infection storyline to the sidelines. 

Now that the cast are in the Digital World, though, it'd be a little safer and a little easier to have the 02 kids' disappearance explored in more depth.

A self-driven character arc for Sora that doesn't revolve around Yamato or Taichi.

I'd say the likelihood of this is fairly high.

Sora's been somewhat under-utilised by Tri so far, with most of her character beats revolving around her being concerned over Yamato and Taichi's conflict with each other, but Confession introduced the idea of her conflict revolving around her failing to look after herself, and around her maternal nature causing problems for her.

That would be a somewhat interesting angle for the fourth film to take, and it would tie into her Crest -- which despite what some fans might insist, has always referred to familial love, not romantic love -- pretty well.

But with her seemingly sharing a film with Yamato and Taichi, there's always the concern that the two of them might drown her out, and I don't want that.

A separate but complete character arc for Yamato, and progress on Taichi's arc.

Having all three of them on the poster leads to a certain expectation that there will at least be progress on all of their character arcs. For Taichi, whose arc is likely going to last until the final film, or at least until the fifth one, I will happily settle for just seeing some development on it -- we already got some in Confession and Determination, so I'll be surprised if we don't get any in Loss.

For Yamato, however, I want to see a fully realised character arc with a clear conclusion. Unlike Taichi, there's really not much need for his arc to stretch out over the entire series, and having the conclusion to his arc run parallel with Sora's makes a lot of sense for both characters.

Evolution sequences for WereGarurumon and MetalGarurumon.

For much the same reasons as the above, I'd like to see WereGarurumon and MetalGarurumon get evolution sequences in this film.

Evolution sequences tend to be used in Tri to cap off a character's arc -- which is why sequences for Garudamon and Hououmon are more or less a certainty at this point -- so if Yamato gets a proper character arc in this film, it only makes sense that we'd get to see all of Gabumon's evolution sequences.

As far as Taichi goes, we've already seen MetalGreymon, and I'd be content with WarGreymon's full evolution sequence being left until the next or the last film -- although I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll see Hououmon, MetalGarurumon, and WarGreymon all get evolution sequences in this film, with Omegamon getting one in the last film.

That's just a suspicion, though.

Answers about Himekawa.

Not all the answers, obviously. We still have two films to go after this one, after all.

But some of the answers. At the moment, Himekawa is basically a complete mystery to us -- an intriguing mystery, certainly, but as we move into the latter half of the story, it makes it very difficult to get a grasp on what the plot is when we know almost nothing about one of its major players.

So I'd like some hints about Himekawa in this film. Something about her motives, or about her backstory, or anything, really.

Familiar locations and characters from File Island.

At the end of Confession, the characters arrive on File Island, now reset (or 'reset,' as the case may be) after the events of the film. As such, it's the perfect time for us to see some familiar places and faces.

Show us those ancient ruins again, or the factory town. Have the kids take a trip to Infinity Mountain (which would be the perfect place to fight Mugendramon, since it's named after him). Show us reborn  versions of Centarumon, Andromon, and Monzaemon, who maybe haven't reached the level they were at before.

It's the perfect opportunity for a nostalgia trip, so Toei may as well make the most of it.

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