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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost E45+E46

Kamen Rider Ghost
Episode 45+Episode 46

It's difficult to believe we're almost at the end of this show, not least because, with the ending looming ever closer, this set of two episodes felt like nothing so much as a series of odd tangents intercut between plotline holding patterns. While things did happen, I could probably count the number of meaningful plot developments in these two episodes on the fingers of one hand, which is a little odd, since Ghost has a lot of plot threads to tie up.

With Demia activated, people across the world start to shift and change into copies of Adel. As Onari and Alain attempt to find Bills and convince him to tell the people about the dangers of Demia, Akari works on opening a portal to the Ganma World, while Makoto trains in an attempt to use the Deep Specter Eyecon to link with the Ganmaizers and control them. Meanwhile, Takeru's attempt to capitalise on a newly formed connection with Adel backfires when he ends up completely invisible, and tortured by the thoughts of everyone around him.

(Incidentally, Kanon's role in this episode, with her remarking that she'll help everyone out and then basically showing up only to be slightly creeped out by Makoto's doppelganger, basically describes her role in the entire series. She's a uniquely inactive and kind of pointless character, and that's a real shame.)

Yay Ganmaizers.

So there are three big problems with this episode, and they can pretty much all be described as 'the writers suddenly lost any conception of how pacing works.' The storylines for Takeru, Adel, and Makoto all suffer from different kinds of pacing issue, which is a bit unfortunate, since those three plotlines comprise the main plot.

For Takeru, the problem is that his plotline is completely unnecessary and somewhat feels meandering. In a series already full of characters being taught lessons by the ghosts of historical figures, it was not truly necessary to devote an entire episode to Takeru dealing with a poorly explained invisibility problem which could only be overcome by having a sword fight with Musashi. Instead, this serves as a bizarre and massive digression, consuming massive chunks of Ghost's very limited time while not really moving the plot along in the slightest.

Will this plotline actually have any impact on the main plot? Doubtful. While it gives us a few nice Ganmaizer related moments  (like them 'stealing the minds' of people Takeru has saved before), all of those moments could have been quite easily worked into a plot that was a little bit more -- well, relevant.

I ship them.

For Makoto, meanwhile, his plot is plenty relevant, it's just that it could have been condensed down to a single scene and nothing about it would have been lost. If we include his doppelganger in this, then arguably it could have been condensed down into two scenes -- one in which the doppelganger receives the Deep Specter Eyecon, and one where Makoto attempts to train, only to then encounter and fight his doppelganger. There, simple, two short scenes, and zero weird scenes in which Makoto's doppelganger looms creepily over Kanon, or attempts to convince the group that he's the real Makoto only to then change his mind and wander off. 

(Incidentally, Makoto's plan to control the Ganmaizers is going to backfire and he is going to end up assimilated into them. Just throwing that out there now.)

Adel's part of the plot, meanwhile, is just repetitive. Exactly how many times do we have to hear him exclaim that he's the world? Once or twice would be enough. As with Makoto, you could have cut out almost all of his scenes in these episodes, limiting him to just his initial fight with Takeru, his scene with Aria, and his scene where he reprimands the Ganmaizers. As it is, we're constantly cutting back to Adel so that he can remind us that, yes, he is the world.

So apparently Gravity, Magnetic, Oscillation, Electric, and Time are all just floating orbs.

Without these odd tangents and weird repetitive scenes, you could have probably concentrated the entirety of these two episodes into one, thus handily leaving you with one more extra episode to work with, which would be nice, given that we still need to deal with Adel's inevitable betrayal by the Ganmaizers, and them becoming Kamen Rider Recolour.

But on the bright side, Igor seems to be dead, and Javert's back, so that's always good. Will Javert have a major role in the episodes to come? Probably not.

I can't actually say that I enjoyed these episodes a lot, and that's a little concerning when we're so close to the end of the series. Mostly, though, I'm just frustrated that the Ganmaizers haven't betrayed Adel yet. We all know it's coming, it's been coming since episode twenty, so it being dragged out for this long is just frustrating.

Oh, but we did at least sort of finding out who Frey and Freya are: They're avatars of the Great Eye. No surprise there, then.

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