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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost E43+E44.

Kamen Rider Ghost
Episode 43+Episode 44.

First thing's first: Who thinks that Makoto's evil doppelganger is going to end up as the final villain? Much has been made of how Adel is redeemable, and a significant amount has been made of the Ganmaizers attempting to understand human emotion, and possibly developing their own wills and agendas that may clash with Adel's. With these two episodes, which see them not only return but also manifest a 'final' Makoto doppelganger who proudly announces that he's a real human, it's seeming increasingly likely that the fake Makoto is the result of their become-real-people plan.

Also, Ganmaizer Wind is back! My favourite character!

Anyway, in this fortnight's episodes, as Demia approaches launch, Takeru and the gang end up chasing down its beta testers, who upon putting in their Demia contact lenses, have become preoccupied with scribbling calculations onto every surface nearby. Things escalate when Igor starts turning beta tester's souls into eyecons, and when their bodies start turning invisible, and Akari and Eadith race to find Demia's server and shut it down before it can launch. Meanwhile, Adel, who has connected to the Great Eye, revives the Ganmaizers, who create a final Makoto doppelganger.

My biggest problem with this set of episodes is that we still don't really know what Demia is or what it does.

Yay Ganmaizers.

We're told a lot that the main result will to be to create a new world similar to the Ganma World, but it's never made clear how, or how Adel's plans to 'become the world' factor into that. Demia has loomed over the plotline since episode nineteen (although it's very often been overshadowed by the much more interesting Ganmaizer antics), but we know almost nothing about it, and it's increasingly starting to look like we're never going to know much about it. It's just a vague, unpredictable magic wish device, at this point, whose vagueness allows to facilitate just about any plotline the show wants out of it.

Given how little we know about Demia, and given that it's never been exactly the most interesting plotline in the first place, these episodes feel almost like filler even though it's decidedly not. The entire set-up, with the people scribbling calculations and the music and Igor just being Igor (the man has an eerie ability to make any episode he has a major role in seem like filler) makes it feel less like the dramatic climax of a twenty-five episode long plotline and more like a monster-of-the-fortnight story to tide us over until the next bit of plot.

Ganmaizer Wind! My favourite!

Which is baffling, given how plot-rich these episodes are. We get Adel linking with the Great Eye, and the Ganmaizers returning - both events that should have been massive deals, but feel weirdly shoved into the background in the midst of the Demia shenanigans. It doesn't help that the characters are so nonchalant about this: Takeru and Makoto both sense the Ganmaizers returning, but they only discuss it very briefly, and when Takeru finds out that Adel has linked with the Great Eye, the revelation is quickly drowned out by a fight scene - a fight scene with added comic relief Onari, at that.

That's another thing that doesn't work in these episodes: The Onari plotline. 

I don't dislike Onari having a plotline where he chafes under the idea that he's the most useless member of the group - in fact, I like it a lot, especially given that Onari is taking the role of the nurturing support character in this series, and that's a role quite often derided (often with good reason) as useless. The scenes of him possessing Alain were also a lot of fun, since Hayato Isomura is actually really good at playing Onari's body language.

But in an already busy, crowded episode, it added more noise to the mix, reduced the amount of time available for the bigger, more important plotlines, and generally felt more like a distraction than anything else.

A moment later he gets slapped again.

I can't say I really enjoyed these episodes that much, in all honesty. I certainly didn't hate them, but I found that they bored me somewhat - which is a little bit of a problem when we're four episodes or so from the end of the series. It looks like the next episode - or at least the next two - will see the end of Adel as a villain, since we're having at least one climactic fight between him and Takeru, and also Takeru meditating into Adel? I don't know, it looks like it's going to be bananas.

Also, what's up with those two children at the end? They seem to be either manifestations of the Great Eye or two of the Ganmaizers, but I guess we'll find out either way next episode. Maybe we'll even find out what exactly it is that Demia does and how it works, but I doubt it somehow.

Can we at least have Igor die? He hasn't been an effective villain for quite a while, I think it's time.


  1. Three things to note about the two children in the end.
    1. Their names are Frey and Freya.
    2. They are both played by the same actor, sort off similar to
    3. They both appeared "Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!"
    web special that featured all the rider eyecons. Their origins
    wasn't really explained at all in the web special so they are
    probably going to explain it here.

    1. Thanks for the info! I am intrigued. It'll be interesting to see exactly what the explanation for them is.