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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost E41+E42

Kamen Rider Ghost
Episode 41+Episode 42

This pair of episodes kills off an impressive amount of Ganmaizers. We lose our two remaining monster-form Ganmaizers, Ganmaizer Climate and Ganmaizer Planet, along with a ton of Ganmaizers who get weapon forms but not actual monster forms. Rest in peace, Birdwatcher Adel, Hippy Adel, MC Adel, Archer Adel, Stabby Adel, and Cowboy Adel.

In this fortnight's episodes, Adel attempts to access the Great Eye, only to be told that he can't, and that Takeru is the key to doing so. Taking this to mean that Takeru needs to die, he arrives in the human world with Ganmaizer Climate and Ganmaizer Planet, seeking to kill Takeru. As the two duel again and again, Eadith reveals his backstory to the group, and they learn that Eadith and the Hermit were the same person all along.

I'm not sure anybody was all that surprised that Eadith and the Hermit were the same guy, since they're identical and perform similar roles as 'provider of belts and eyecons/cryptic adviser-y types,' so that wasn't really a plot twist at all. It was interesting to see Eadith show what might be called his true personality, though, kind of halfway between the Hermit's whimsy and Eadith's seriousness.

That is a wig, right? I'm sure it's a wig.

What was a plot twist was learning that at any time during the initial ninety-nine days, Eadith could have brought Takeru back to life, which somewhat raises the question of why he didn't. By his own admission, Takeru dying wasn't part of the plan, so surely he could have brought Takeru back to life and just continued with the plan as he and Ryu had intended? This is never really addressed, and instead it's just taken as read that we'll understand that Eadith didn't do so because he wanted to manipulate Takeru, even though that doesn't make a huge amount of sense.

It's interesting to me (and quite satisfying) that Eadith is set up as a parallel to Akari, too, with the show going out of its way to not only show them as mirror images as each other, but also to show Akari and Takeru to be the only ones in the group who truly understand Eadith as a person. I quite like the fact that Akari's the one getting the parallel to Eadith, especially as she also has a nemesis in Igor. In a lot of ways, Akari feels like just as much the main character as Takeru.

We got a fair amount of exposition in this episode just in general, getting an explanation of how the Ganma World ended up as it is in-show; an overview of how the Ganmaizers came to be; and a brief explanation of what Deep Specter is (I would like to note that I called it being connected to the Ganmaizers, even if I wasn't right about how) and what the evil Makoto clones are. Eadith vaguely implies that Makoto can beat them by confronting his own dark side, so I suspect the next two episodes will involve him doing that, so that that plotline can be wrapped up in time for the finale. 

Our three remaining Ganmaizers: Musical Adel, Shocking Adel, and Nostalgic Adel.

Most of this set of episodes is devoted to a bunch of battles with Adel, though. We get a brief fight between him and Eadith as Ultima Ebony, and three fights between him and our main Riders, with the gang losing a Rider to injuries each time.

I admit, the first two Riders vs Adel fights are more than a little same-y. The first one has the mild benefit of having evil Makoto show up, which adds a little bit of variety to it, but not much, since we've already seen evil Makoto about a dozen times now, but they're both basically exactly the same deal: The Riders, Adel, and Ganmaizers punch each other for a bit before Adel and company fire some energy blasts off and Takeru throws himself in the way of them to protect his friends.

The third one is pretty fun, though, as Adel whips out a variety of Ganmaizer weapons only to have each of them destroyed, before eventually summoning Ganmaizer Climate and Ganmaizer Planet to help him out. The show uses flashbacks to draw a parallel between the fight and Eadith's own fight with Ryu that eventually led to his being redeemed, only to then subvert it at the last second by having Adel reject Takeru's offer of friendship.

Squad goals, for I too wish for my friends to be sinister robo-ghosts.

We're done to three Ganmaizers now, and it's looking entirely possible that they might be the final villains, as we hear them talking about how they're going to use one of Adel's powerful emotions as a baseline for willpower, and Eadith out and out says that they've become interested in human emotion and are in danger of becoming self-aware.

I enjoyed these episodes quite a lot, and next week it looks like we might be getting -- more bodyswapping antics? I hope not, since we just got out of a cliche bodyswap storyline. Oh, and Makoto is going to be struggling more with his army of evil doppelgangers, so that's also a thing.

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