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Friday, 26 August 2016

A Rec Post.

A Short Rec Post.

Hey, guys. So, today's review has been put on hold due to personal issues, which I'll probably talk about in my personal-issues-talking-about spaces at some point, so as a holdover until tomorrow when I (hopefully) plan on posting Guilt, here's a very quick rec post for a few different things.

A friend introduced me to these recently - specifically, his series on The Asterisk Wars, which can be found here, a show I've never watched and now most definitely never will, except possibly out of a sense of morbid curiosity - and I've been enjoying watching his stuff quite a lot.

I don't always agree with him (he has a fair few problems with Kekkai Sensen, and anybody who read my review will know that I adored that show), but he's an excellent reviewer, with an eye for technical details and a great sense of humour. 

I'd also highly recommend checking out his much shorter series on Sword Art Online II, as well, which had me in fits of laughter more than a few times while also being a very detailed, thoughtful review of both the first arc of that series and the show as a whole. That's over here

Arguably the lore master du jour for the Dark Souls fan community, VaatiVidya's lore videos are incredibly well-researched and very well made, and the dude has both an amazing voice and a staggering talent when it comes to telling stories. 

A good place to start with him are his Bloodborne Lore Videos, short videos on various characters from Bloodborne, because I think those videos really hammer in what a good storyteller Vaati is. 

(Alonne and the Iron King is also an excellent lore video, so maybe check that out too.)

Even if you've never played Dark Souls, I'd recommend him, as his videos are a great way to experience the story - often fragmented in the games themselves - in a way that doesn't involve dying to a single Mimic three times.

I've given these guys a rec before, so I'm not going to go into too much detail. They do a couple of really good abridged series. Go check those out, maybe.

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