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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Editorial: More Games We're Looking Forward To.

Editorial: More Games We're
Looking Forward To.

So, we did our E3 coverage a few weeks ago, but to be honest, a combination of space constraints and laziness meant we couldn't cover every game that looked interesting - not to mention that there are a few fun looking games coming up that weren't even at E3. So here's a few more games to keep an eye out for going forward:


I have to say, in a market where companies will often find one successful angle and stick doggedly to it, I can respect that Dontnod Entertainment's games are all drastically different from each other. Remember Me is almost nothing like Life is Strange, and Vampyr, an action RPG (with a heavy-ish emphasis on RPG, it seems) set in Victorian London, seems nothing like either of them.

Following recently turned vampire Doctor Jonathan Reid, the game reminds me of nothing so much as a modern Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, with elements of Mass Effect and Prototype. It's got an interesting Victorian gothic aesthetic, what seem to be some cool gameplay turns based on vampire lore (such as Reid being only able to enter a house if he can convince someone to invite him in), and seemingly a solid balance of combat, dialogue, RPG skill branching, and story.

It won't be out for a while now, with a tentative release window of some time in 2017.

The Pillars of the Earth.

Wait, what?

For people who, like me, were wondering if this was just a coincidence, no, no, this is a video game adaptation of the Ken Follett novel about a group of people building a cathedral in Anarchy-era England. I have no idea how on earth that translates into a video game.

It is, however, by Daedalic Entertainment, point-and-click adventure developers whose previous works have included the excellent Edna and Harvey games and Night of the Rabbit, so I'm actually interested to see how this turns out. Daedalic's games are almost unfailingly brilliant, have great senses of humour, and have an interesting and unique art style, so I guess it'll be pretty interesting to see that applied to a fairly serious novel.

That's due for release in 2017.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice.

I'm an absolute sucker for a good Phoenix Wright game, especially as I was only introduced to them after Apollo Justice temporarily murdered the series to death, which means that every new game is a delightful gift for me to revel in.

As part of Capcom's continuing war against its own localisation team, this game takes Phoenix and the gang to Khura'in, a country of spirit mediums who inspired the Kurain Village (always a thorny localisation point, as the change of setting to LA means that there's a hypertraditional Japanese village nestled in the foothills of California), where kangaroo courts decide the fate of criminals based on the visions of its priestess.

The nearest game on this list, Spirit of Justice is already out in Japan, and will be released in American and Europe in just a few months.

Tales of Berseria.

You know, I've always wanted to be a Tales fan, but I've never quite managed to stick out a game very far. If we're lucky, that'll change with Tales of Berseria, a maritime JRPG following cold pirate captain Velvet, as she battles an order of emotionless monster hunters.

It looks like a pretty standard Tales game, so there's not much I can say about it - but Tales games are generally pretty well-received, so if you're interested, that's out later this year in Japan and in the first quarter of 2017 for Europe and America.

For Honor. 

In development by Ubisoft Montreal for all consoles, For Honor appears to be a Dynasty Warriors esque hack-and-slash, with competitive multiplayer elements and, apparently, a 'structure inspired by shooters', whatever that means.

So far, its big selling point is that it has a hodgepodge mash-up of cultures, with players being able to play as characters from one of three different factions: The Legion, based on European knights; the Chosen, based on samurai; and the Warborn, based on the Vikings.

It was first announced in 2015 and first shown properly at E3 2016, and so far has been met with a pretty positive reaction, although given Ubisoft's penchant for screwing things up, who knows how long that'll last. That's due out in late February of 2017, during that kind of weird post-Christmas release window where a whole bunch of games viewed as too risky to be summer releases come out.

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