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Friday, 20 May 2016

Legends of Tomorrow S1E16: Legendary

Legends of Tomorrow
Series 1, Episode 16

Okay, before we say anything, I'd just like to note my unending confusion with that one preview clip. You know, the one with everyone at a library fighting off robots, and the Flash is there, and a giant robot tears off the roof. Because the CW kept using that clip - which had full visual effects and everything - for promotional purposes right up to the very end, but it never actually happened in-show. Nothing even similar happened. Was this part of a seventeenth episode that was scrapped really late in production because of time constraints or something? I'm very confused and alarmed.

In the Legends of Tomorrow finale, Rip drops the team back at 2016, five months on from when he picked them up (so as to conveniently avoid the last five months of plot). Before long, however, they've called him back, saying that they won't be finished until Kendra and Carter have been rescued and Vandal has been killed. When the team succeeds in rescuing Carter, but not Kendra, they discover that Vandal plans to use the Hawks' blood to detonate three Thanagarian meteorites in three time periods, thus destroying the world three times over and creating a time paradox that will allow him to erase the entire timeline, from his life in Ancient Egypt onwards. Handily, though, the meteorites will make him vulnerable, so the team sets out to stop him in all three times.

I have a lot of problems with this plotline, not least of which is that it involves a lot of people talking about how they need to 'kill Vandal in each time period simultaneously' or 'Vandal needs to set off the meteorite in each time period simultaneously', but that makes negative amounts of sense because by definition if you're in different time periods then you can't be doing something simultaneously. Time periods aren't places, you can't perform actions in different times at the same time, that's a contradiction.

How did Kendra even escape?

My other problem with this plotline is that it snuffs out all of the 'we need Kendra to kill Vandal' stuff that has been running throughout the series. Yes, this is clearly done so that multiple characters get their shot at him, with Sara, Mick, and Rip and Kendra killing him across the different timelines, but it means that all of the stuff about how only Kendra can kill him just feels meaningless now.

Also, why three time periods? The thrust of Vandal's plan is that if the world is already destroyed once, then it being destroyed in the future is a time paradox, and time will be erased up until before the meteorites ever appeared. Okay, fine, that makes a certain amount of sense, but you only need to do it twice for that to work. Is one just a back-up plan? It doesn't seem like a back-up plan, because everyone talks about it as if it needs to be three times.

Apart from that, the episode was - mostly fine? 

I should be more excited for this showdown.

I mean, that plot takes up most of the episode, for obvious reasons, but while the rest of the plot is riddled with little problems, such as "Kendra, how do you know that specific army helmet is the one in Rip's ship? It's an army helmet. It's part of a uniform. Other people wear identical helmets," and "Rip, how do you know that going with the whole team to stop Darhk from killing Laurel would lead to Sara and Quentin dying as well? Gideon only seems to be able to track changes in the timeline as they happen. For that matter, with a timeship to hand, couldn't you just pick up a few more recruits to help even out the odds? Bring Vixen along, she did pretty well against Darhk once. Nab Barry from Central City and bring him along," it never quite gets in the way of enjoying it.

The emotional moment of the team reuniting in 2016 is over and done with way too soon, but it was nice while it lasted, with Mick having a bonding moment with Ray, and later going back in time to talk with Len before they ever joined the Waverider. We also got Sara finally finding out about Laurel's death, and she takes it surprisingly well, given that she's back to wisecracking by the end of the episode.

The episode ends on Rip inviting the team to help him defend the timeline, with all of them except the Hawks agreeing. Given that the show was apparently meant to have a revolving cast, I find the fact that six out of an initial cast of nine are returning to be a little suspect. We also get the arrival of a second Waverider, carrying somebody with a warning - someone who identifies himself as Rex Tyler.

One of these days we need to talk about how the LoT writers haven't realised that
Mick's gun is meant to shoot absolute hot, not just be a small portable flamethrower.

Okay, so, yes, he's Hourman and that's great, but more to the point, if he joins the team, we'll have Rip, Ray, and Rex, and given how many times I got Rip and Ray's names confused this series, I don't want that. It's even worse, as well, because 'Rex' sounds enough like 'Jax' that I could very easily get confused there as well.

Apparently, Legends of Tomorrow will be back this Autumn. Does this mean the CW is commissioning a full, twenty-three episode series of it? Probably not. Might not be picking this one up as an ongoing again, though, so we'll see. Still, I did enjoy myself - I'll definitely be watching, at the very least.

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  1. Those scenes with the Flash were created before any of the scripts were written. I guess they were a sort of "proof of concept" that they just decided to use for promotional reasons.