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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Kamen Rider Ghost E27+E28

Kamen Rider Ghost
Episode 27 + Episode 28

I told someone a few weeks ago that Cubi would most surely leave before too long. To be honest, I didn't expect him to last this long, but I felt appropriately vindicated by him deciding to leave. One presumes he'll be gone forever, or else he'll maybe show up in a later episode and then immediately leave again. Either way. It hardly matters, I'm just glad he's gone, I really didn't like that guy.

Besides, now we have Alain to be our Token Ganma Teammate, so it's fine.

In this fortnight's episodes, Alain and Takeru travel to the Ganma World to rescue Makoto. Coming upon Alain's father, Emperor Adonis, things go from bad to worse when Adel shows up with one of his new doppelgangers, Ganmaizer Fire, one of the fifteen tablets. Meanwhile, as Makoto escapes on his own, he comes upon Eadith's laboratory and finds the Deep Specter Eyecon, originally meant for Takeru. As Alain comes to a realisation and the three escape back to the human world, Ganmaizer Fire - in whose presence Takeru's Grateful Soul seems not to work - pursues them.

The one big criticism I have with these episodes is that the plot and subplot, especially in the more dramatically inclined second episode, often feel jarring when put next to each other. For instance, episode twenty-eight has a main plot about Alain struggling with grief while they try to flee Ganmaizer Fire, who is legitimately the most terrifying villain they've encountered, while the episode's B-plot is about - Igor wanting someone to play him a dramatic song for Demia's opening ceremony? The two are edited together in an incredibly strange way, resulting in, at one point, a cheery and upbeat (and almost comedic sounding) piano tune playing over Ganmaizer Fire implacably marching towards Takeru while Nobunaga tries to hold her (It? Female voice, I'm going to say her for now) off.

I wonder if she'll later get a cool jacket as an upgrade, like the other Ganma.

Apart from that, I actually really liked them. 

Adonis' (second) death scene was pretty well-managed, and worked pretty well to leave him as a somewhat mysterious but ultimately sympathetic character - we still don't know what on earth his whole plan was with the Ganma World, and he was trying to invade Earth, and yes, it is a little bit weird that Takeru seems to forget both these facts the moment he meets Adonis and doesn't seem at all inclined to ask, but his rambles about Alain following his heart serve to make him seem like an overall good guy.

I also loved seeing more of Aria, who continues to prove herself to be possibly the most competent character in the show, including casually remarking that she'll 'deal' with a squad of Ganma soldiers approaching. It's never shown whether dealing with them involves fighting them or just leveraging social power against them, but I'm inclined to say it involved her whipping out some badass battle form to beat them up, because that's what Kamen Rider usually goes for. 

Yes, I did notice how long these two clasped each other's hands while grinning like idiots
for, why do you ask.

And, if I'm being honest, I like Deep Specter's design. A lot of people have criticisms of it, and I can see why: It's overdesigned, kind of awkward and clunky looking, has about sixteen different colours on it, and at least a few people don't like those horns (although I personally love them), not to mention that it's basically just an evil rehash of Fighting Boost, right down to having the exact same weapon. For me, though, it's my favourite suit in the series by a pretty wide margin - I like the horns, I like the silver and purple, I like how it combines both flame motifs and deep sea motifs, and I even like how it looks like Fighting Boost without being identical to it. 

Its opening fight was a little odd, possibly intentionally - the explosions around them were very dramatic, but the lack of any sparks or sound effects as Makoto slashed Ganmaizer Fire made it seem like he was doing no damage. I say 'possibly intentionally' because it turns out at the end of the episode that Fire's fine, it's just gone back to being a tablet in the Ganma World.

It's nice.

Speaking of which, Ganmaizer Fire, are you trying to give Javert a run for his money with how many times you get beaten by a new upgrade? Javert's record is three, and if we count the fact that you were possessing him when he was beaten by Grateful Soul, yours is two. One more and you'll have an even tie, especially as episode twenty-seven seemingly has Javert reluctantly becoming a sort-of good guy.

(Javert for fourth Rider? It's possible. Remote in all human likelihood, but possible.)

So that was twenty-seven and twenty-eight. It feels like these episodes are flying by now, it's not going to be all that long until we're at the end of the third act. The clock's also ticking down for Takeru, which sucks because right now the Ganmaizers seem to be pretty much unkillable and he presumably can't make his wish until they're all gone. I wonder why they didn't stop him the first - right, okay, yeah, it probably had something to do with Adonis praying.

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