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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Teen Wolf S5E19: The Beast of Beacon Hills

Teen Wolf
Series 5, Episode 19
The Beast of Beacon Hills.

I had a hell of a time finding out what the title of this episode was, as some places listed it as 'The Beast of Beacon Hills' and others as 'Only Villains Survive', both of which make sense and which tie in with the themes of the episode, with the first being arguably more dramatic and the second having more interesting interplay with the ongoing stories about Theo, Deucalion, Gerard, and even Mason.

(Poor Mason. I do love that Khylin Rhambo is ecstatic about getting to play the Beast - Mason and Rhambo's acting talent is the best thing to come out of Liam's introduction to the show, and to be honest if they were ever going to wrap up the story of Scott and the gang and move on to a new set of characters, I think I'd want Mason to be the new main character, not Liam.)

In this week's episode, Mason and Corey attempt to escape, only for Mason to be captured by the Doctors, who hook him up to a tank with a petrified body (possibly of a Nazi alpha werewolf) in it. Deucalion teaches Theo to steal the power of others, something which he immediately uses to imbue himself with the powers of a kitsune-chimera. As Kira leaves town to find the Skinwalkers again and ask for their help; and Malia and Braeden attempt to protect themselves from the Desert Wolf; Scott, Liam, and Theo hunt for Mason, tracking the Doctors with the telluric currents.

Mason looks good with glowy eyes.

We actually got the most dialogue out of the Doctors in this episode than we ever have before, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, the Surgeon's talk of how Theo made them realise that they needed the perfect good (ie; Mason, canonical cinnamon roll, too good, too pure) to make the perfect evil, whereas Theo was merely 'evil', was good. On the other hand, when the Surgeon said "You have the narcissism and entitlement typical of your generation," I just burst out laughing.

It's such a silly line. You have these intimidating scientists, and their most characterful line so far is them sulking like a baby boomer who's just been told that millennials don't eat cereal (if that seems like a random example, it's not, there was a recent thing with baby boomers saying that millennials don't eat cereal for breakfast because they're entitled). Go start a war, Doctors. Wreck the economy.

I'm also not sure how I feel about Mason having a badass moment in dragging the massive cable spike in his neck out and then immediately transforming into the Beast - it was dramatic as all get out, but the fact that he immediately after de-transformed into Sebastien Valet kind of killed it for me, because I can think of two more interesting options:


He transforms back into Mason, but now with Sebastien's mind. Khylin Rhambo is a phenomenal actor, you can't tell me it would have been a joy to see him play a serial killer possessing Mason's body.

Or, he keeps his mind as Mason, and transforms back into Mason, but Sebastien is now even closer to waking up. In following episodes, the danger posed to the gang by the remaining Doctors - if there are any, I couldn't see clearly if they were all killed or just one - forces Mason to transform again and again to protect people, eventually culminating in him becoming Sebastien. Obviously, the key problem with that is that there aren't any more episodes to go, but given that a lot of the episodes this series have been pretty plot-light, you could have easily just sped up your pacing a little and had this episode be episode seventeen.

(Speaking of, huzzah for at least one, possibly all of the Doctors dying!)

I did like Gerard's little line about whether Sebastien knew him - to be honest, this half of the series has done more to give Gerard's character layers and dimensions than the first four and a half series put together, and the Beast does kind of contextualise Gerard's insane hatred of werewolves, in that he knows of the Beast and where it comes from, and it's pretty clear at this point that the Beast is either the progenitor of werewolves or their ultimate end goal.

Theo, and harsh lighting.

We get some brief stuff also about Lydia and Sheriff Stilinski going after Parrish to bring him back, Parrish doing some stuff with the Nemeton, right before he - turns up out of nowhere to punch the Beast in the face. Actually, Chris and Gerard just show up out of nowhere there too. How'd they all know where to go? Parrish appears to be able to track supernatural creatures, so he has that excuse, but what about the Argents, who when we last saw them were at the library looking for the silver used in the argent pike's spearhead.

(While that was generally not all that great, the whole Parrish plotline did give us a great line in the form of "I'm a Hellhound! I literally have 'hell' in my name. Hell.")

We look to be getting the culmination of the Desert Wolf storyline, too, and to be honest, that detracts a bit from all the Beast and Doctors stuff. This series really does have too many villains right now, and while the Desert Wolf and her conflict with Malia would be interesting in a less packed series, she comes off as a very minor villain in a very crowded villain scene right now.

Although getting less crowded rapidly, as it looks like the Doctors may have been taken out of the picture (I still don't know if Mason killed them all or just some), which would bring our villain count down to five: Gerard, Deucalion, the Desert Wolf, Theo, and the Beast itself.

All in all, I did really enjoy this episode, and I look forward to the finale next week. I also really liked the Hidden Citizens' cover of 'I Ran' that showed up during the scene where Kira meets the Skinwalkers. That was nice. I've been listening to it on loop.

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