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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Editorial: What We're Looking Forward To

Guess who has two hands, woke up very late, and has spent the past hour trying to write a serious editorial with no success?

That's right, it's me, have a 'what we're looking forward to' instead.

Editorial: What We're Looking
Forward To.

2016 should be a big year for entertainment, with several very promising things coming up over the course of the next year. While some of the things I'm deeply looking forward to didn't make this list, usually on account of my having mentioned them in previous What We're Looking Forward Tos (Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, hi), here's a small selection of some of the stuff we're eagerly awaiting.

Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Only recently announced, we know nothing about the two new Pokemon games save that they involve an impressive selection of trucks, some palm trees, and a hotel that looks a lot like Singapore's Raffles Hotel but could quite easily be a hotel anywhere. Oh, and also there's a new bird Pokemon.

This lack of information has not remotely stopped me from becoming hyped as all get-out about it, because I love Pokemon games, and having gone a significant amount of time without one, I have found myself with a terrible craving for another one.

I - I need to catch them all, guys. I need to. Or at least the pretty ones.

Game of Thrones S6.

Game of Thrones S6 will be interesting, because within the first few episodes we'll have well and truly gone beyond the books' reach and into entirely new territory, and to be perfectly honest, I can't wait to see all the people who take great pleasure in spoiling people rapidly finding that they can't do that anymore, and throwing tantrums over it.

They've already started throwing a few tantrums over it, it's great, I can't wait for more.

Also, while Game of Thrones' quality has declined in its past few series, maybe with more freedom and no constraints in the form of having to hew (somewhat) close to book canon we can start seeing improvements, with a show that has less holding-pattern plots and more terrible things happening to everyone.

Or maybe it will just be awful. Either way.

Dishonored 2.

It's not even remotely a secret that I loved Dishonored, having called it one of my favourite games several times, and so I am extremely hyped over Dishonored 2, due to come out some time this year and featuring both a grown up Emily and a much older Corvo stealthing (or just murdering) their way around a Serkonan city.

While we've seen nothing of the gameplay yet, we have seen a quick cinematic rendition of a level in which Emily is making her way through a clockwork mansion that changes shape as she passes through it, and that alone looks incredibly interesting. Dishonored's gameplay was very nearly flawless, so Arkane is in a good position to focus on building it up into something even more unique and interesting.

Either way, I will absolutely be playing - and probably Let's Playing - the game on release, so I am extremely excited for it, needless to say.

Dark Souls III. 

Okay, fine. Fine. I said I wasn't going to play Dark Souls III, I know I said that, but I might actually consider maybe playing it. Possibly. While Dark Souls and Dark Souls II look interminably boring to me, Dark Souls III, which has sped up its gameplay slightly and takes a few cues from Bloodborne (which I adored), has caught my interest a little.

It helps, too, that interviews with From Software suggests that they put a heavy focus on 'harsh but fair', setting out to create a game that, while difficult, wouldn't be impossible for players of any skill level, which is a worthy goal and one that fills me with some degree of confidence that I might even manage to get past the first level.

Moreover, while I found the stories of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II slightly intriguing but too impenetrable for me to muster any sort of enthusiasm for them, I find myself really fascinated for the story of Dark Souls III, enough so that I've been mainlining research on the first two games in order to prime myself for them.

Add to that that the game looks beautiful, and you have yourself a game that I wasn't expecting to be excited for, but I kind of am.

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