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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Teen Wolf S5E18: The Maid of Gevaudan.

Teen Wolf
Series 5, Episode 18
The Maid of Gevaudan.

I think that going into this review it's very important that we all remember that I was right. I'm talking, of course, about the reveal in this episode that Mason is the Beast, which I did call quite some time ago. Not that that was exactly a difficult thing to guess, I'll grant you, what with him being more or less the only possible candidate for the Beast, but still, go me. Now Zoom just needs to be revealed as Earth-2 Barry and I'll have a full house of Being Right About Villainous Identities.

In this week's episode, as Scott battles the Beast around the school, Gerard and Chris tell Lydia the story of the Maid of Gevaudan, the first hunter and the ancestor of the Argents, who killed the Beast of Gevaudan with a silver-tipped spear.

The ongoing Scott vs Beast battle is fun, with Scott getting progressively more exhausted and bloody as it goes on, but it's really just a sideshow to the main story, which is Gerard talking about the Beast and the Maid, complete with Period Drama Flashbacks. 

Crystal Reed's back as Jeanne-Marie, the eponymous Maid, in a role that really just hammers in how nice it would be to have Allison back on the show. The Maid is basically Allison, after all, only with the addition of a terrible, terrible French accent, to the point where she even goes through roughly the same character arc as Allison - being betrayed by a family member, and through that embracing her role as a hunter of supernatural beings. Accent notwithstanding, Reed gives a good performance as the Maid, in a storyline that is concise, well-paced, and actually has a pretty good twist towards the end.

I like that shade of blue.

One thing that has me tilting my head in quizzical confusion is the explanation of how Sebastien became the Beast in the first place. We get an offhanded mention to 'drinking rainwater from a wolf's pawprint', but that's never been brought up as a way to become a werewolf before this? Especially not a shadowy, phantom werewolf, which we know now isn't the result of the Doctors recreating it, but how the Beast has always been. I'm left very confused now, because nobody seems to be commenting on how the Beast is nothing like a regular werewolf and apparently wasn't even turned in a normal fashion. 

I've seen various theories about this - that the Beast is actually from Hell, a literal demon in the form of a werewolf, with the Hellhound having come to essentially drag it back; or that the Beast is the ancestor of all current werewolves, and thus they're lesser in power than it. Both those theories are viable.

The other interesting hint we get is that Sebastien refers to becoming the Demon Wolf, and we've heard someone else reference that: It was Deucalion's end goal in killing his betas and forming the alpha pack (with intent to kill them as well, probably) - so maybe the Beast is just the natural end point of all werewolves? I don't know, and nothing has been explained very well.

I'm going to remain incredibly frustrated about that, incidentally, until it is explained. Incidentally, I will also need everything about the Dread Doctors to be explained, along with precisely why Theo killed his sister, and why he thought Deucalion could help. You have two episodes, show.


We also found out that Chris and Gerard want Lydia to be the new Maid, hoping that she can defeat the Beast instead of Parrish - but wouldn't Kira make a lot more sense? I get that she's a shapeshifter, which is apparently a big no-no for those two, but she's also the team's weapons expert, and can generate electric shocks, which we know werewolves are vulnerable to. Out of all of them, I'd give her the biggest chance of defeating the Beast, and her set of abilities match up closest with what hunters usually use to take down werewolves. But no, it's Lydia, apparently, even though she'd be a better match to go up against the Doctors.

(Actually, where was Kira in this episode? She didn't show up at all. Neither did Stiles, granted, but his absence was at least referenced, and we can presume he's probably been kidnapped by the Desert Wolf.)

Lydia's response is that she's not Allison - which, I mean, true, although oddly I saw one recap describing her as 'yelling' despite the fact that she didn't even raise her voice - and that Jeanne-Marie had the help of the town and her friends, and that she was going to go convince Parrish to help. I'm actually not sure why the Argents are so against Parrish helping - the Hellhound has been pretty benign so far, going as far as engaging them in civil conversation without trying to murder anyone. That's more than can be said for Gerard on a bad day.

Running and stuff.

Also, our current villain count to deal with now stands at about six: The Beast, the Doctors, Theo, the Desert Wolf, Gerard and Deucalion. The Hellhound has been taken off the list on account of seemingly not being antagonistic.

In next week's episode, it looks like we have Deucalion coaching Theo on how to steal Mason's power, a confrontation with the Desert Wolf, and the Doctors showing up to basically wreck Theo's hideout as punishment for taking their science project, because seriously, Theo, what did you think would happen?

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