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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Editorial: Five Characters Who Should Be On Legends of Tomorrow S2

Five Characters Who
Should Be On Legends of Tomorrow
Series 2

So, we're a little under halfway through the first series of Legends of Tomorrow, and I am personally already abuzz about second series, because I have no sense of patience and timing. As part of that abuzzedness, here are five characters who I think should be rotated in to the rotating cast of Legends of Tomorrow for a series.

Incidentally, this editorial does assume that some of the current cast will stay on - Rip and Kendra, at the very least, and quite possibly Stein and Jax as well. I doubt they'd get rid of Rip when he's the one with the whole time travel schtick, and Kendra's too big a name to let go.

This editorial also assumes that any new cast members will be characters we've seen before, since that was true of the first series.

John Constantine.

Okay, I have something I need to say: I don't actually like John Constantine? Not in comics, and not in the Arrowverse, and especially not in his own series, which was so intolerable that I actually struggled to get through a single episode of it.

That said, if written well he can be a good source of conflict, which Legends thrives off: While Rip would have whatsoever his goal is in series, Constantine would clearly have his own agenda, acting as some sort of combination of Len and Mick, only with more magic and less crime, and he'd probably not make much of a secret out of that.

Combine that with the inclusion of, say, Kendra, and you could have something really interesting: Constantine has, after all, surely heard of Kendra and Carter's tale of woe, and equally certainly has both views on it and insight into it.

Also, he'd get along absolutely terribly with some people on his list. Also, he's practically been confirmed for the series anyway, so I do have to make my peace with that.

Connor Hawke / Green Arrow II.

Oh, Connor. Hands down the most interesting part of 'Star City 2046', we barely got to know you before you were snatched away from us by virtue of that episode only being a single episode crossover. But I do want to see more of Connor, and the best way to do that is to have a version of him - not necessarily the one we saw - join the Waverider's second crew.

It'd be interesting, because in a team with more mercenary and self-serving characters like Constantine, Connor would stand out as being both unambiguously heroic and almost entirely concerned with Star City, rather than anywhere else, fitting with the running theme of Green Arrows being heroes of a single city instead of the world.

Not to mention, the first series of Legends was notably lacking in heroes from - well, any time other than 2016, apart from Rip himself. If you have a time travel plot mechanic, you should make full use of it by having at least one character from either the future or the past.

Mari McCabe / Vixen.

The biggest disappointment of the Vixen/Arrow crossover was how terribly under-used Mari was, and I demand that we see more of her. In all honesty, I've been disappointed with how little the Arrowverse has used Mari for a while now (especially given that her own series came up to barely twenty minutes in length), so giving her a starring role in a series of Legends would be a dream come true for me.

It'd also make a lot of sense. Mari has headlined her own series, however absurdly short, had an appearance on Arrow, and could easily (and should) have an appearance on The Flash. At this point, she's a fairly recognisable character for audiences, and Legends seems to have a fondness for characters that the audience already knows and loves.

She's also, like Connor, fairly unambiguously heroic, and when placed up against more morally flexible characters, that can only lead to interesting things.

Dr. Harrison Wells.

'Murphy, you are just saying this because you really like Wells, in, like, every incarnation, you just really love Tom Cavanaugh's acting,' I hear you saying, and that is completely true.

But consider this: Much of Rip Hunter's authority in the first series of Legends comes from being the smartest man in the room, at least in regards to things like time travel - as a Time Master, he's able to speak with more or less uncontested authority on matters relating to the timestream and history. But that would change if Wells - either Earth-2 Wells or Thawne!Wells - were to show up.

That would mean instant character conflict, not least because we've yet to see a situation in which Wells isn't the smartest person in any given room, but because no matter which Wells you're dealing with, they're always abrupt, irascible, and impatient. Into what's already a volatile mix of personalities you would throw someone whose response to anything he perceives as foolishness is total scorn.

Also, it'd be interesting to see what kind of relationships he would form with everyone. Assuming it's Earth-2 Wells, would he became somewhat parental over Connor? Would he absolutely hate Constantine for being essentially the antithesis of a rational scientist? Would he just plain adore Kendra? It'd be fascinating.

Linda Park / Doctor Light.

Look, every Legends series should have a criminal who likes shooting people with some manner of CGI element. Having already covered 'cold' and 'hot', the logical place to go is 'shininess', with Doctor Light, the Earth-2 version of Linda Park.

Short stint of working for Zoom notwithstanding, Light was apparently not keen at all on killing, preferring to just steal and get away without casualties, which might make for an interesting situation where she's both the only criminal on the team and one of the more ethical members of the team, making a stand against any senseless murder.

Not to mention, if we assume that everyone on this list is in the show, you have the potential for some interesting interactions between her and Wells - Wells, after all, enabled her to become a highly successful thief by making her a metahuman. Is she grateful, or angry that his experiments altered her into something not wholly human anymore? Has she ever stolen from him before? Is he suspicious of her? Is she angry about him being involved in her kidnapping and extrajudicial imprisonment as bait for the most dangerous speedster we've seen yet? Because I'd be angry about that.

Better yet, she'd interact interestingly with the others, because like Len and Mick, she'd be out for some kind of score, and I doubt she'd bother keeping that a secret. How would characters like Connor or Mari deal with that? What about Constantine? So much potential.

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