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Friday, 12 February 2016

Editorial: Fission Mailure's Top 5 RWBY Characters.

Editorial: Fission Mailure's Top 5 RWBY Characters.

While I decided before the third series of RWBY even started that I wasn't going to be reviewing it, owing to a potential lack of objectivity on my part, that does not at all preclude me from editorials and rec posts, which is why, as we draw up on the final episode of the volume, I'm taking a moment to list my five personal favourite characters.

Usually with these top five lists I present them as objective fact, on account of my opinions always be ing undeniably objectively correct always, but this time, I am just going to put a disclaimer that this is a matter of personal opinion and coin tosses, since RWBY has a very big cast and picking five for this list was not exactly the easiest task. Also because people might stab me in the eyes otherwise? We don't want that. I especially don't want that.

Anyway, on with the list.

5) Cinder Fall.

A lot of people don't like Cinder, owing to her tendency towards sitting around remarking on her plans without ever disclosing what they were, her inappropriate use of cocktail dresses (you're not meant to wear them outside of cocktail parties, Cinder, that's just a social disaster), and the fact that she keeps ruining people's lives, one way or another.

I think it's important to remember, though, that we haven't actually seen all that much of Cinder until recently. While she made an explosive entrance in the first episode, she was absent for most of the first series, and only in the background of the second. It's only been in this most recent series that we've been able to see her not only taking concrete action, but also having her plans come to fruition, and as it turns out, she's a brutally effective villain.

Also, she clearly has a great mind for the media, what with making sure her henchman films all of the destruction and arranging for horrific things to happen on live television, so if she ever decides to stop being evil, she has a career in journalism ahead of her.

4) Qrow Branwen.

A lot of people also don't like Qrow, albeit less on account of keikaku-intensifies shenanigans and more because he wasn't the perfect, flawless paragon of humanity everyone expected him to be. I think. I've never managed to get a clear idea of why people don't like him, but the drinking and the general poor behaviour probably has something to do with it.

I like Qrow, though, in spite of the silly spelling of his name, more or less because he's such an abrasive, socially inept jerk. Nice people are nice, but it's always far more interesting to throw the most irascible, troll-ish person into the fray and see everyone else forced to cope, for one reason or another.

Not to mention, he seems like a genuinely good lad under the layers of jerkery. He's clearly more than a little traumatised over the terrible things that have happened to him and his team, and he's trying his best. Not very well, granted, but attempts are being made.

3) Pyrrha Nikos.

If Pyrrha Nikos' sunny, modest personality didn't win you over, or the fact that she patiently and tirelessly mentored a character who was, at the time of their meeting, fairly useless, then the fact that out of all of the cast, she has gone through the most relentless suffering this series should surely give her a place in your heart.

Fair play to Pyrrha that she has let none of the many, many tragedies to hit her in the past few months distract her from what needs to be done, even though the goalposts of 'what needs to be done' keep changing, usually due to some other terrible thing barreling in to interrupt her day.

What we can all take away from Pyrrha's storyline is that she is too good, too pure for this world, and has done nothing to deserve any of the deeply unpleasant things that various characters have elected to put her through. We salute you, Pyrrha Nikos. We salute you from a safe distance of at least thirteen kilometres, since all of the horrible things that happen to you tend to result in other people dying.

2) Weiss Schnee.

Weiss Schnee has probably undergone the most character development over the course of the show so far, and that's not least because she's been given the chance to be extremely and aggressively imperfect. She's irritable, she's spoiled, she's judgmental, she has held some fairly racist views, and she has certainly been guilty of relying too much on her family name and attempting to brush away some of the awful things they've done.

And the show hasn't shied away from any of that. Her racist views were challenged and she was made both to acknowledge that they were awful and change her ways; her over-reliance on her family name and her attempts to whitewash their crimes have been brought up numerous times, and she's been forced to change her ways in those regards as well; she's been forced to become less spoiled, less judgmental, and even a little less irritable.

In many ways, Weiss is a prime example of the idea that imperfect but well-meaning characters can often be the most engaging characters, so long as the writing doesn't implicitly support their views, and instead has other characters challenge them and force them to grow.

1) Sun Wukong and Neptune Vasilias.

These two are fun apart, but they're a lot more fun together, which is why they're showing up as a pair rather than as individuals. Sun and Neptune haven't, in the fray of the third series, had a lot of focus, but what little they have had has set them up as being complete dorks. Hyper-competent dorks, sure, let's not forget that Sun is one of the few people we've seen able to hold his own against Roman, but nevertheless total, arm-flailing dorks who can't dance.

I - I just really like complete dorkfaces, guys. I do. 

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