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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Editorial: 5 Fights We'd Like To See In RWBY

Editorial: 5 Fights We'd Like To See

We have two or three episodes left in Volume 3 of RWBY, and they're bound to be action-packed. With that in mind, here's five fights we at Fission Mailure would like to see in the remaining few episodes of the third volume. Which has been excellent, incidentally.

Also, since this is an RWBY editorial, allow me to draw your attention to these RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Let's Plays.

Glynda & Qrow vs Cinder.

Here's the big one for this list.

Glynda and Qrow both have a history with Cinder, having both tangled with her before, however briefly. Glynda, in particular, is the only character in the show to even come close to fighting Cinder on equal terms, while Qrow is apparently feared enough by Team CRME that Cinder would not only rather flee than fight him immediately after gaining the Autumn power, but that you can see her genuinely considering giving up her plan altogether when he arrives at Beacon.

So obviously the two need to team up and go after Cinder. All three of them are fearsome combatants with a wide range of abilities at their command, so a fight between them, done right, would undoubtedly be the highlight of the third series. Cinder would win, obviously, because her role as a main villain is clearly far from done with, but it's fair to say the fight would probably force her to make heavy use of her Maiden powers.

Also, I love team-ups. I just - I love team-ups so much, guys. So much.

Pyrrha vs Emerald.

Frankly, after what Cinder and company did to Pyrrha, she deserves a little bit of payback (even if she's maybe not in any state to be getting it), and short of fighting Cinder herself, Emerald is the best one for her to have a match-up against. 

Why? Well, because it's Emerald's mind trick power that led to Pyrrha ripping Penny apart. A duel between the two of them could see Emerald trying to trick Pyrrha again, and Pyrrha fighting through it, displaying to both of them that she's not going to fall for Team CRME's tricks again, while simultaneously getting revenge for both herself and Penny.

Out of all the ones on this list, this is probably the one that's least likely to happen, if only because Pyrrha is unlikely to be fighting at all for the rest of Volume 3, on account of being totally traumatised.

Sun & Blake vs Adam.

I've been hankering to see both these two characters fight Adam for a while now, although I don't really want them to fight him together. What I'd rather have is Sun fighting Adam and being beaten, only for Blake to swoop in and save the day, starting another fight between her and Adam. Typically lolzy action show stuff.

My reasons for this are mostly ones of theme and character arcs. Sun has been set up very much as the anti-Adam, a playful and laid back guy who isn't especially keen on violence and who sees the White Fang as a bunch of wackos, so them clashing would work, in a way, as a kind of clash of ideals. Blake, meanwhile, has a personal history with Adam and her own ideals that don't gel well with Adam's, so ultimately, if he's going to be taken down, it should be her to do it.

Still. Sun vs Adam followed by Blake vs Adam. It'd be great.

Neptune, Velvet, Sage and Fox (at least) vs the Grimm.

These are four characters we really haven't seen in battle much, and hordes of Grimm are always very good for showing off multiple characters abilities, so it'd be nice to get all four of these characters in a battle (as Temporary Team VFSN, no, that's a terrible name) beating up various Grimm creatures and showing off their abilities.

Not to mention, at the moment we have no idea what Velvet's weapon or Semblance is; no idea what Sage, Fox, or Neptune's Semblances are; and no idea if Sage's weapon is capable of transforming at all. I wish to know the answers to these questions.

Ruby vs Mercury.

So, now Mercury's personally wronged Ruby, and it is vitally important to me that she scythes him in the face.

On a mechanical level, these are two of the fastest characters in the show, and a proper battle between them would be one of the fastest and most action-packed battles we've had so far, probably, but no, no, mostly the first thing.

You've had it too good for too long, Mercury. You need a scythe to the face for the good of one and all.


  1. what about mercury vs. yang mercury deserves a rematch since he had to throw the fight and he would be able to kill her

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