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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Editorial: The 5 Coolest Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters.

Editorial: The 5 Coolest Yu-Gi-Oh Monsters.

In what might be the dorkiest editorial on this blog yet, let's take a look at five of the coolest monsters from anime franchise Yu-Gi-Oh. I am a tremendous Yu-Gi-Oh dork, given that it ties into my twin loves of 'cool monsters' and 'people extremely dramatically doing actually fairly mundane things', so this was always bound to show up sooner or later.

While I theoretically could do this editorial using the monsters from the card game, which often have different abilities to those in the anime, I'm not going to, if only because I prefer watching fictional characters play Yu-Gi-Oh to actually playing it myself. So, this editorial is about the anime versions of these monsters and as such, any monster which appears in the card game but not the anime is not eligible for it.

Anyway, let's roll on with the list.

5. Number 8: Heraldic King - Genome Heritor.

The one I wavered over most on this list, since it is, in fact, a dorky looking deer-antelope thing in a cardigan and that's not tremendously cool, I decided to put it on the list because while its ability is pretty amazing in-game, in-story it also comes across as one of the most sinister powers in the show.

Genome Heritor's ability is that once per turn, it can target a card on the field, changing its name, attack, and effect to their name, attack, and effect - and subsequently reducing that card to a nameless card with no attack or effect. In a game, that's an almost game-breaking ability: In show, it is portrayed as nothing short of a Lovecraftian horror, as a card's identity is surgically stripped away so that Genome Heritor can become a masked mockery of it.

Also, it's one of the Numbers, which are always cool. Also, it belongs to Byron Arclight, and he is terrifying at the best of times. You know, standard stuff.

4. Number C96: Black Storm.

Another Numbers card - to be honest, I could fill out this list with Numbers cards - and only this low on the list because it's kind of doofy looking, Black Storm is the evolved, Chaos form of Black Mist, a recurring villain.

Again, it's on here partly for its ability: Where Black Mist, with a base attack of 100, has an ability that halves an opposing monster's attack and adds it to their own, Black Storm has the souped up version of this power - with a base attack of 1000, its ability reduces an opposing monster's attack to zero and then gains its attack as its own. Permanently, until it's sent to the graveyard.

It also can't be destroyed by battle, and any battle damage you take from battles involving it is also inflicted to the opponent, making it kind of game-breaky.

As an actual villain, Black Mist/Storm was fairly uninspiring, basically just being a cackling wrong'un who was taken out in his fifth or sixth appearance - as a card, though, it's absolutely terrifying.

3. Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon.

One of the few protagonist-owned monsters on this list, Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon is the recently revealed upgraded form of motorbike-riding happy-go-lucky potential-world-destroyer Yugo's signature card, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.

Unlike the two previous entries on this list, it's also here mostly because it's really pretty. It has a very cool ability as well, adding an ability where it gains the attack of any level five or higher monster it battles to Clear Wing's ability-negating power. But more than that, it's here because just look at it. Look at how pretty and majestic it is.

A riff off 5Ds protagonist Yusei's Stardust Dragon, Crystal Wing is easily one of the most beautiful monsters in the show.

2. Earthbound Immortal Aslla Piscu.

Look, all of the Earthbound Immortals - Nazca-line themed shadow monsters whose particular hat is that they can attack an opponent directly, and can't themselves be targeted for attacks - are incredibly cool in a terrifying kind of way, but Aslla Piscu takes the cake for being a sinister hummingbird.

Hummingbirds are possibly the least sinister creatures in all of creation, so having a creepy eldritch shadow hummingbird is a joy and a wonder to me.

Also, like all the other Earthbound Immortals (that is just an awesome group name, incidentally), it has an additional effect, in that if you manage to send it to the graveyard somehow - or even just off the field at all - it will destroy every monster card you have and inflict 800 points of damage for each one. Which is always nice.

1. Raid Raptors Rise Falcon.

There are so many Raid Raptors now, and I love them all. They are my tiny robo-bird children.

I love Rise Falcon the most, though, because while nerfed in the game, in the anime (which is, after all, what this editorial is about) its ability is the most poorly thought out, ridiculously gamebreaking ability it is possible for a monster to have in a show where everyone uses special summoned monsters - that being that it gains attack equal to every special summoned monster on the field, and can attack each one once.

It's also got a lovely design, simultaneously deeply unsettling and just cool to look at. Although I'm not sure it's technically a falcon. Is it technically a falcon? It looks exactly like all the lanias based monsters, and they aren't falcons.

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