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Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas (and a Rec Post).

Merry Christmas
(And some Recs).

Hello, everyone. It's Christmas Day, so happy that to all of you, and as such, I am giving myself a day's break and not doing a review or editorial today. It's been a really good year for this blog, actually, I'm quite happy with how my audience have grown and how I've improved as a reviewer and diversified my content in that time. I'll be talking more about that come January, when we hit the two year anniversary of this blog.

For my Christmas, I have been - mostly playing Bloodborne? I hope to have a review of that up the week after next, if everything goes well on it, which it might not. I've also briefly gone to the pub and had a dream in which someone said that dolphins were the oiliest dogs. Not in that order, it was dream first, then waking up and playing Bloodborne, then pub, then this.

Anyway, while I'm not doing a review or an editorial today, I am going to do a short rec post. Because you all love recommendations, right? They're basically reviews boiled down to their purest form.

(My apologies, I've had - not that much alcohol, actually, about two shots of whiskey and two shots of Sourz, which are lovely. I am, however, a lightweight, so I am a bit tipsy. Only a bit, though.)

An excellent abridged series with pretty high production values and some surprisingly emotional moments, pulled off better than the series it's actually abridging ever managed to. It's one of only four abridged series I watch regularly, because abridged series are terrible nine times out of ten, but it's funny and well made and I recommend it to people who have seen SAO or never want to see SAO because it's the most obnoxious anime ever created.

Another great abridged series with really good production values. It's not a perfect creation - there are occasionally long lapses in jokes, and there were a few moments that put me a little on edge, but it's still really good, and I've watched it about three times now. The voice cast is excellent, the production values are great, the writing is usually very strong, and I do strongly recommend this.

RWBY is currently on its second week of a two week break, which means that now is the perfect chance to catch up on it. Volume 3 has been stellar so far, with some excellent fight scenes, some great plot movement, and some fun character moments. We've finally got to see long-awaited characters Qrow and Winter, and we've got to find out more about Cinder's plan, as well as seeing her make some more progress on it.

I recommend this every time I do a rec post, which admittedly not often, but consider this: The most recent page has adorable Robot-Shadow romantic shenanigans. Why would you not want to read that? You do want to read that. You do.

A part of Eurogamer, Outside Xbox is three people doing funny videos about video games. I personally enjoy their lists, which are excellent and hilarious, and I strongly recommend that everybody checks them out. If you don't know where to start amidst their many, many videos, I recommend starting with 7 Baller Apartments in Video Games That Make Ours Look Rubbish, 7 Guys Who Are Definitely Not Going To Die in Video Games, or 7 Health and Safety Nightmares Down to Insanely Negligent Workplace Design.

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