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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Editorial: Winter 2015 Trailer Round-up

Editorial: Winter 2015
Trailer Round-up.

We last did this just after Comic-Con, but as the year has dragged on, a whole bunch of trailers have come out - more than we actually have time to cover here, but we'll give a rundown of a select few of them. These films are predominantly coming out in the first half of the next year, with a few creeping their way onto cinema screens at the close of the year.

Captain America: Civil War.

I think I'm starting to experience a little bit of a Marvel burnout, I'm just not as excited for Civil War (or 'Basically Just Avengers 3') as everyone else seems to be. I'm looking forward to seeing Black Panther, who briefly gets an appearance in this trailer, but it doesn't help at all that the Civil War storyline was one of the worst storylines in comics, and I can't see a way that it can really be done well.

Still, this looks like a solid action film with a lot of things exploding and a lot of fight scenes. I might not be keen, but it will definitely be a massive success at the box office, and to be honest, it will probably be a very good film (most of Marvel's films are, after all), as well, and no doubt I'll warm to it once it's out. 

Also, it has the new Spiderman in it, so that's definitely a thing.

That's out on 06/05/16.

X-Men: Apocalypse.

I am consistently surprised whenever a new X-Men film comes out, because sometimes it's a genuine struggle to remember that the films after the disastrous X-Men 3 actually exist.

But here's X-Men: Apocalypse! Much like Days of Future Past, I don't think anybody will be able to describe it as an amazing, life-changing film, but it looks like it'll be a fun action flick, and it's nice to see tiny versions of the original films' X-Men.

If you really like the new crop of X-Men films, and a lot of people do, then this should actually be a treat for you. If the trailer is anything to go by, this could very well end up being the best X-Men film since the second one. I'm hopeful about this film, even if I'm not excited, per se - it's one that I'll definitely catch on DVD as soon as it comes out, but probably won't see in cinemas.

That's out on 27/05/16.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.

Here's a film that nobody asked for or wanted, and yet will still be inexplicably popular because it has the Harry Potter name attached. It's like the crystallisation of everything that people say is wrong with adaptation culture. 

It's also apparently set in America, despite the fact that America barely factors into the Harry Potter universe at all, because god forbid we not cater to Americans.

The trailer looks - fine, I guess. Not earth-shattering. Not even that exciting. It looks like a very by the numbers adventure film with a good cast. Not really anything to write home about, but hey, maybe when it comes out on DVD I'll watch it and change my mind.

That'll be coming out on 18/8/16.

Star Trek: Beyond.

Nope. Sorry, Star Trek, you lost me with Into Darkness. But if I'm being honest, even if it hadn't, nothing about this trailer would really inspire: The Enterprise being destroyed and the crew being stuck on an unknown world is an interesting turn with a lot of potential, but this trailer felt so lifeless and thin on the ground.

There's a lot of snappy one-liners and a lot of explosions and fight scenes, and a lot of people making ominous remarks about 'the frontier pushing back', but I actually have no idea, after watching this trailer, what the plot is, why I should shell out ten quid to watch this film, what the draw is meant to be, why this is different from every other sci-fi film on the market, except that it has the 'Star Trek' title attached.

Apparently it has Idris Elba in it, but he wasn't in the trailer, unfortunately.

That comes out on 22/07/16.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Trailer 2).

You know what the most interesting thing about this trailer is? It opens on a romance novel cliche. A wealthy billionaire gets out of a car, cameras flashing and people screaming. "Who's that?" asks the plucky young reporter. "You must be new," someone says. "That's Bruce Wayne."

That's a scene that - well, I read through large amounts of romance novels, so I have read that exact scene before, often, and also the scene immediately afterwards when the two catch each other at the fabulous party and don't get along, but feel strangely drawn to each other.

I mean, that is one way that this film could mark itself out, rather than fading into inevitable obscurity as it flees from Civil War - have an actual Batman and Superman romance. The rest of the trailer is fairly generic, and has a lot of footage that we've seen before, but we do get some nice shots of Doomsday. 

That will be coming out on 25/03/16.


So, we're all agreed that this film will be terrible, right? Good, good.

This seems to be a loose adaptation of the first Warcraft game, aka 'the one that nobody really cares about', so they're crippling themselves before they're even out the door here. Why on earth would you not just adapt Warcraft III, a game that you could easily make four films out of and which everyone absolutely adores? Be reasonable here.

Highlights of the trailer include a parade of startlingly generic actors (I actually can't tell any of the humans apart from each other in this trailer, really), some CGI that looks like it would be more at home in 2005, and an Inexplicably Sexy And Feminine Orc-Lady Love Interest, because of course. Of course.

This will be coming out on 10/06/16.

The Legend of Tarzan.

... So, genuine question, guys. When you decided to insert a white saviour storyline into a story that didn't have that before, were you proud of that choice? 

Did it seem like a good idea to you at the time? I mean, you've managed to take a story that was written in 1912, and had some skiffily racist overtones in places even for the time period, and make it worse

I'm just speechless. I'm utterly speechless. 

Apart from that gigantic elephant in the room, there is nothing in this trailer that looked at all interesting. Of all the trailers on the list, this is the one that comes across as the most cynical, the most cash-grabbing, the most mercenary, and considering that Warcraft is on this list, that's saying quite a lot.

That will be coming out in sometime, I mean who really cares, none of you were planning on seeing this film even before you read this.

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