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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Editorial: Four More Potential Fallout Settings.

Editorial: Four More Potential
Fallout Settings.

A while ago, after Fallout 4's setting was announced, I did a list of four potential settings for a Fallout 5, and now that the game has actually been released, it's time to do another one. After all, I did a 'four great Assassin's Creed settings' for the Assassin's Creed: Syndicate release, and what are these Fallout editorials if not more or less the same principle, only in reverse.

So here's four more potential Fallout settings, all of which involve mutant fish people, because of course they do.

New Orleans.

New Orleans is my go-to American city for settings, just because it's about twenty times more unique than any other American city: Known for its cross-cultural heritage and interesting blend of architectural styles, New Orleans is visually and culturally distinctive, and its position near both the Mississippi River Delta means that players could enjoy visiting the coast (for mutant fish-monsters) or venturing out into the Bayou (for mutant crocodile monsters).

The plot possibilities are rife as well. Maybe during the game there's a war brewing between a tyrannical and hyper-fervent future-Catholic sect and a looser, less controlling Louisana Voodoo sect. Maybe New Orleans is still a centre of trade even in the Falloutverse, and that's causing its own problems. Maybe New Orleans' vibrant theatre scene has resulted in a sinister cult of tragedians who commit elaborate, melodramatic murders. Maybe the mutant crocodiles and the mutant fish have teamed up.

Endless possibilities, I tell you.


Venice is a city of nearly unparalleled beauty, instantly recognisable for its colourful and distinctive architecture, many waterways with boats drifting serenely by, and bustling commercial and tourist scene. It's also situated out in an ocean bay, which means that mutant fish monsters are also a possibility here.

While the most likely outcome of nuclear war is that Venice would sink beneath the waves like a Venetian Gothic Atlantis, there's always the slim possibility that it would survive as some kind of floating community of mask-wearing lunatics, which would be a delightful and sinister change from the usual Americana settings of the Fallout games.

On its own, Venice could not be an entire setting, as it's a pretty small city housing only about sixty thousand people (with about a hundred and seventy thousand more people living on the mainland near it), but combined with the rest of the Padua-Treviso-Venice Metropolitan Area, you'd have a pretty decently sized world to roam about in.


Seoul is both a glimmering city of modernity filled with skyscrapers and packed with people, along with being an economic powerhouse; and an ancient fortress city, two-thousand years old, surrounded by mountains.

That fusion of modernity and ancient history could only lead to interesting things in a post-apocalyptic setting. Maybe the bad guys are holed up in Hwaeseong Fortress, a massive centuries-old fort, and you have to besiege it. Maybe you have to venture down into the Royal Tombs of Joseon, or infiltrate Changdeokgung Palace. 

Or maybe you find a secret community living out of Lotte World, the world's largest amusement park; maybe you have to retake North Seoul Tower, a communications and observatory tower that was the first radio wave producing tower in Korea, built in 1971; or maybe your hub town is the remains of the hyper-modern Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Also, it's coastal, so there will be mutant fish people.

New York.

New York is a tremendous cliche, and I actually had to check that there weren't any Fallout games already set in it (I'm still not entirely sure that there aren't), but it is also one of the most recognisable metropolises in the world, even if that is at least partly down to constant cultural oversaturation.

The big advantage to using New York is that you can guarantee that nearly everybody will recognise the major landmarks you send them to, even if they have never been to the city itself before. As a true global city, you could justify New York as being a centre for post-apocalyptic trade and international cooperation, too, which could lead to some pretty interesting storyline.

Also, it's very coastal, like all of the cities on this list, and you all know why that's a boon.

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